A Festival of Innovation

How will we live, work, shop and relax in the future? New technologies drive innovation at breakneck speed. How can we harness them to better address human needs and global issues?

From building sustainably to the future of urban mobility, our 4 content tracks focused on the integration of tech in spatial design, catering to a wide range of interests and specialties.

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Four Topics. Four Tracks

From incorporating technology to fostering collaboration via the circular economy, each track explored innovation in retail, hospitality, shows, institutions, work and residences through a combination of talks, workshops, and brand experiences.

Intuitive Tech

Spatial design hugely influences how we experience reality. Combined with technology, entire new worlds can be formed. How will these virtual experiences coexist with the real world? What challenges lie ahead for interior designers?

Full Circle

Can design push beyond the boundaries of sustainability, and achieve real social good? The circular economy is challenging designers and industry leaders to address issues affecting the entire supply chain. Activities that typically generate a deluge of waste and emission are in need of a radical rethink. Will we be able to create and consume with a truly clear conscience?

The Co-Economy

From co-working-slash-living to mobility and SaaS: today’s economy is characterized less by ownership, and more by access. But how does the sharing economy affect interior design thinking? How do designers focus on creating temporal, transitory products and services? And how do we give shape to the social structures that come with these communal set-ups?

Club Me

Fueled by advancements in tech, the one-size-fits-all approach is rapidly being disrupted. But why are so many brands and designers focused on achieving the ultimate tailored experience? While personalization might meet the exact preferences of individual customers, they hinder human connection and threaten privacy. How can designers achieve multilevel environments with tech that provide both private and public experiences?

Speakers and Workshop Hosts

We selected a wide cross-section of industry stakeholders, creatives, architects, designers and brand directors to discuss some of the most pressing issues in the future of design. Here are a taste of the many thought leaders that graced our stage during Frame Lab.

Anny Wang

Wang & Söderström Co-Founder

Retail Anny Wang 2

Didier Faustino

Artist and Architect

Howard Sullivan

YourStudio Co-founder

Frame Awards Milan Howard Sullivan

Clive Wilkinson

Clive Wilkinson Architects Founder

Institutions 02 Clive Wilkinson

Humberto Campana

Campana & Instituto Campana Cofounder

Executional Humberto Campana

Kati Barklund

Tenant & Partner Senior Manager, Workplace Strategy

Kati Barklun 2

Li Xiang

X+Living President and Creative Director

Retail Li Xiang

Esther Bahne

MINI Head of Strategy and Innovation

Esther Bahne2 Homepage

Sakchin Bessette

Moment Factory Cofounder

Shows Sakchin Bessette

Sevil Peach

SevilPeach Founder

Workplace Sevil Peach

Tina Norden

Conran + Partners Director

Hospitality Tina Norden


Immersive brand experiences and workshops provided by an innovative collection of companies, studios and designers. Here's who you could see during Frame Lab 2019.

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The Netherlands

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