Jury Process

Jury Appointment

Frame Awards has an international jury, which differs according to each category. Jury members will be selected on the basis of knowledge, experience and expertise. Jury members may not submit their own work to the categories they are adjudicating. have permission to invite designers to participate in the competition. Names of jury members will be made public.

Each category will have a separate jury of 5 persons. Frame intends to appoint at least one designer, one manufacturer and one client in each of the juries.

Frame is at all times entitled to appoint a substitute juror. If no suitable substitute can be found, the relevant jury will have fewer members than the number originally announced.

Jury Obligations

Frame shall, at its sole, full and absolute discretion, organize, select and manage the jury, which shall adjudicate applications that have been appropriately verified, filtered and approved by Frame.

Nothing shall legally obligate or require Frame or the jury to perform any or all of the following:

i. justify, reveal or explain their processes, inner workings and standards; or

ii. justify, reveal or explain their decisions and ultimate results at the end of the adjudication process.


The juries shall have the support of a technical committee to be appointed by Frame. The task of the technical committee consists of verifying and approving applications that meet the requirements stated in these terms and conditions.

The juries shall have access to all eligible applications, which will be disclosed and prepared for judging by digital means. The jury will review and evaluate entries and select five nominees in each (sub)-category.

The selection of the nominees in each (sub)category is not open to the public, and all matters related to the evaluation of competition entries and the voting procedure are to be completely confidential. All decisions made by the juries will be final.

Judgment Criteria

The juries will judge the entries according to the following criteria:

i. Functionality (including but not limited to user-friendliness, flexibility)

ii. Innovation (including but not limited to use of materials, technology, products, concept)

iii. Creativity


Each jury will select five nominations per (sub)-category. The designers of the nominated applications will be invited to defend their work in front of the relevant jury. Nominees will present their projects with the use of visual support: imagery, video, boards and/or materials. Nominees may be subjected to further questions by the relevant jury.

Each jury will choose one winner per (sub)-category.

The Honorary Awards are not subject to jury nominations or judgment.

People’s Choice

Nominations in all (sub)-categories will be published online at frameawards.com on 12 December 2019. They will be subject to online voting until 17 February 2020. The people will choose one winner per (sub)category.

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Remember that you can only vote once per award category.