Dacia: The Playground, Paris

Designed by: Studio épatant
For client: Lever de Rideau agency for Renault-Dacia Floor area: 600.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Trade-Fair Stand of the Year

Paris18 351

About the Project

Our challenge was to create a powerful designer concept combining entertainment, social interaction and a friendly experience. We made the stand more vertical, thus opening up the space and providing more room for visitors to play, observe and sit, while showcasing the vehicles in a premium light.
Our solution in the form of a playground concourse breaks with the classic codes of automobile shows. Here the seats are not reserved for VIP members. The appealing, family identity of this remarkable car sets the tone for the staging: a playground is also a space where people get involved. We wanted to make the Dacia enthusiast community part of the event by inviting them to sit in the grand terrace around the central stage. This strong stance, simultaneously urban and all-terrain, enhances the potential of the Dacia Duster, which along with the launch of the new stand concept, establishes a clear image. The terraces give vertical expression to the key components of the stand – the brand identity through the film and logo, and the flagship car and its community – thus providing a naturally photogenic setting and emphasising the brand's move upmarket.
The lower part of the playground also creates a powerful image. The large, lit-up colourblock area under the terracing hosts a welcoming, top-of-the-range sales area with a strong identity.

What’s unique about it

The Dacia stand conceals a functional, rational set-up. We have designed the Playground as a space that can be adapted to travelling events.
By means of a structure with variable geometry, the components can be combined, always conveying the sense of a made-to-measure design with a powerful, high-quality image. This modular design goes hand in hand with the use of solid oak and top-quality textiles ensuring a long life for the stand, while incorporating home design codes to create a welcoming lifestyle atmosphere.
A designer feature, whereby part of the stand is vertical, frees up a large area for expression where the cars can be explored. This principle also means that more interactive experiences can be integrated in an appealing, innovative way.
The terraces provide opportunities to broaden the viewpoint and discover the vehicles in their entirety. As well as this all-embracing vision, an interactive activity puts visitors at the wheel of the Duster to drive through new territories, giving them inventively hands-on contact with the vehicle.
The monochrome of the mezzanine provides an additional space for phygital activities encouraging visitors to climb ever higher. At the top, we have symbolically combined a sofa for parents and a workshop table for children, creating cosy, made-to-measure furniture.
The overhead photo call on the ground floor of the stand gives visitors a chance to pose together as families or friends, looking upwards, in a Dacia dreamland.

Paris18 350
Paris18 349

The lit-up colourblock area hosts a welcoming, top-of-the-range sales area with a strong identity.

Francfort17 312 V2

Immersive 180° animation.

Geneve18 332
Francfort17 377

The Dacia community occupies a central place in the ´Playground’

Paris18 366
Paris18 335

The vertical terraced seating area creates a very pleasing effect – a visual key that can be seen from afar.

Paris18 327

Global view of the “playground”

Paris18 345

Global view of the playground: the terraced seating area, the main element of the staging, strikes the eye at first glance.

Location of project:
studio épatant



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