Another World

Designed by: StudioXAG
For client: Level Shoes Floor area: 0.88 M² Year of completion: 2019
Submitted for: Window Display of the Year

Ls190201 Dc0455

'Helix' window

About the Project

Spanning 96,000 square feet, Level Shoes is a designer footwear emporium which offers a unique and unparalleled shopping experience, located within the Dubai Mall. StudioXAG were thrilled to collaborate with Level Shoes on two attention grabbing and interactive windows, which were created as part of ‘Another World’, a futuristic sci-fi inspired pop-up which encompassed the entire store.

The Helix window incorporated five motion tracked double helix structures that responded to visitors’ movements, as though the coils are trapped in their gravitational pull, giving the viewer a complete 360-degree view of the shoes displayed on each of the shelves.
Mesmerising pre-programmed sequences played out to create an ever-evolving view of the shoes while the installation was in its idle state.

The Code window features four transparent LCD screens mounted in front of the shoes which displays a ‘falling’ code, a bespoke de-codeable digital language of symbols and typefaces.
Using motion tracking cameras and custom software, this code could be swiped away by the viewer to reveal the exclusive collection of footwear behind.

What’s unique about it

We were eager to create interactive windows where customer interaction was paramount, and the technology could blend into the background, ensuring a seamless and intuitive experience. We created two installations which act as an interplay between the digital and analogue worlds, where physical and invisible elements work in tandem.

In its idle mode, the ‘Code’ window sees our bespoke-designed typeface cascade down the window, displaying an edited selection of brands, an ingenious way of showing a glimpse of the product offering available in-store. As a user approaches the window, they will discover the type is swarming towards them, revealing a collection of footwear hidden beneath.

The ‘Helix’ window features a row of double-helix structures which revolve in synchronicity, until a user interacts with the window, where upon the coils will spin in their direction, offering a playful 360-degree view of the collection.

These installations strike the balance between making interactive technology accessible, useful and pleasurable, without being technology for technology’s sake.

Ls190201 Dc0441

'Helix' window

Ls190201 Dc0429

'Code' window

Location of project:

Cinimod Studio

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