Ace & Tate Van Woustraat store, Amsterdam

Designed by: s-p-a-c-e Projects & Ace & Tate
For client: Ace & Tate Floor area: 162.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Single-Brand Store of the Year

Ace Tate  Amsterdam Van Wou Store – Counter Credits Wouter Van Der Sar
© Wouter van der Sar

Neon artwork installation designed by Pieter Ceizer

About the Project

Having reached their 5 year mark in 2018, Dutch eyewear brand Ace & Tate called upon studio s-p-a-c-e projects to reinvent and upgrade their very first store. Together, they transformed the store into a flexible retail space meant for constant evolution, where future ideas, technologies and services come together, with the aim of elevating customers’ brand experience.

Translucent, acetate-inspired walls — the material which most of the brand’s products are made from — were used in place of the store’s original brick walls, and can be easily moved to alter the store’s layout and shape, allowing for different settings, scenarios and moods, depending on the intended event and purpose.

A seamless customer journey is crucial to Ace & Tate. With that in mind, they have included new techy, user-friendly features such as a 24/7 return vendor-like machine that sits outside the store, allowing for customers to easily return their frames whenever they like, as well as interactive, playful ‘Lift and Learn’ screens, which showcase fresh content and service info when customers lift a discreet, plexiglass disk.

As Ace & Tate is known for its creative collaborations, the store features artwork by Dutch artist Pieter Ceizer, who was inspired by popular Dutch slang. Ceizer also created an installation, as well as a neon in his signature shape: a large smiley face.

What’s unique about it

The goal behind the revamping of Ace & Tate’s very first store was to create a playground for experimentation, a space where the brand can test innovative design features and services, in order to elevate the brand experience by bringing together the best of the brand’s retail innovation since their first store opening.

The updated store enables the omnichannel brand to further align their online and offline platforms, by further ensuring an enjoyable and thorough customer experience — both channels are meant to be user-friendly, comfortable and inspiring.

Along with s-p-a-c-e projects, Ace & Tate’s updated store is constantly ready for change and evolution. Design and materials were used in terms of functionality: the acetate walls can literally be moved around to create new settings for different events and situations, depending on the intended mood.

Forward and creative thinking is crucial to Ace & Tate, and throughout the years the brand has fostered a community of artists from around the world, who they worked with for stores, campaigns, editorial content, etc. For the new and improved store, Ace & Tate commissioned Dutch artist Ceizer to create artwork for the store, including an installation and a neon installation declaring “Hi Gappie” that means “Hi Dude” in local Amsterdam slang. Other Amsterdammer sayings can be found at other corners of the store.

Ace Tate  Amsterdam Van Wou Store – View Towards Patio Credits Wouter Van Der Sar
© Wouter van der Sar

Store interior with a modular wall and the courtyard with Pieter Ceizer's mirrored wall installation

Ace Tate  Amsterdam Van Wou Store – Wide Interior View Credits Wouter Van Der Sar 1
© Wouter van der Sar

Store interior with the Lift and Learn table that allows customers to play with information about the brand and services

Ace Tate  Amsterdam Van Wou Store – Facade Side Credits Wouter Van Der Sar 1
© Wouter van der Sar

White-tiled façade of the Van Woustraat store with the 24/7 returns service kiosk

Location of project:
s-p-a-c-e projects

Ace & Tate

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