Walk on R-Evolution

Designed by: Carolina Nisivoccia: Architect / CN:A
For client: Radici Floor area: 100.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
Submitted for: Trade-Fair Stand of the Year

Radici Isaloni 2019 1
© Luca Argenton

“Given the same area, the space division in half represents one of the possible transformations allowed by the ductility of the carpet as a material. Decorative, quick and easy to produce”. Two strongly off-key patterns, two different inspirations, two

About the Project

Radici is the first and only Italian company producing wall-to-wall carpets selling throughout the world.
This year, for the latest edition of the Salone del Mobile in Milano, Radici decided to present itself in the very new S. Project Pavillion. The idea was to present an usual and “old” product with new eyes, showing to visitors the many interesting qualities of the carpet, intending it as a “white page” on which creativity is potentially infinite, in the hands of the designers.
Walk on (R)evolution was the claim we chose to identify the present and future of RADICI, showing a truly (R)evolutionary approach and vision on such a traditional material.
The challenge was to project a stand with a constrained budget and space (only 100sq mt.) achieving the goal of emerging in a very intensive presence of great brands.
The Radici stand tells a story, in every part of its space as well as in the whole perception. It is characterized by a strong impact and colorful atmosphere.
It invites experimentation with carpet through an engaging and sensory approach, developing 4 key areas – creativity, production speed, sustainability and ease of cleaning – representing just as many reasons to choose carpet
The stand is graphically divided into two symmetric sections, each distinguished by different patterns especially designed by the Studio, which cover the floors, walls and objects like skin.

What’s unique about it

The project, despite having to deal with a budget and a limited space, has worked to narrate important concepts transmitted through a spatial design.
The involvement of the public obtained in a simple and effective manner has brought great visibility to the company both at the fair and in the press.
It turned out to be one of the most photographed stands at the Salone del Mobile not only for its visual impact but because this impact was supported by revolutionary concepts for this material. We didn't want to make an "Instagram project" but a project supported by strong facts.
For the set-up we decided to use only Econyl recycled yarn carpet showing how sustainability and aesthetic quality can be two nearby words.

Radici Isaloni 2019 2
© Luca Argenton

Overlapping: A new pattern especially designed for this stand to highlight Radici's ability to print multicolor and blurred carpets.

Radici Isaloni 2019 3
© Luca Argenton

Fold & Stripes: the folds of the carpet are designed by us to create a three-dimensional optical effect, engaging for the spectators. The drawings are inspired by the masters of the Optical Art.

© Luca Argenton

Fold & Stripes pattern on the floor. Working on the concept of laying the carpet we gave it an unexpected turn. With optical graphics that ironically play on the contrast between the perfect Brand printing technology and the idea of an incomplete laying

Radici Isaloni 2019 5
© Luca Argenton

Small boxes completely covered with carpet invite visitors to stop and touch, to sit down and experience first-hand the comfort and resistance of carpet, even in areas with high foot traffic. Ease of cleaning is an important test, which latest generation

Radici Isaloni 2019 6
© Luca Argenton

To address the theme of sustainability, for all the surfaces we used coloured ECONYL yarn, used by RADICI to produce several of its carpets. ECONYL is a 100% regenerated nylon yarn obtained from recycled plastic materials - from fishing nets to industria

Radici Isaloni 2019 10
© Luca Argenton

The carpet Overlapping, covering the other part of the stand, portrays instead an idea of what can be achieved in terms of colour and nuances thanks to the company’s advanced printing technology.

Radici Isaloni 2019 9
© Luca Argenton

Another view of the Fold & Stripes box totally covered by carpet (floor, walls and furnitures).

Radici Isaloni 2019 8
© Luca Argenton

Playing with Optical and True idea of folding carpet: 2D drawings simulates waves as well as real benches to sit on as on a flying carpet. This part of the stand features the carpet Fold&Stripes with optical graphics that ironically play on the contrast

Radici Isaloni 2019 13
© Luca Argenton

An exterior view of the small booth.

Location of project:
CN:A Carolina Nisivoccia: Architetto

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