hansgrohe/Axor booth at ISH 2019

Designed by: 1zu33
For client: Hansgrohe SE Floor area: 1700.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
Submitted for: Trade-Fair Stand of the Year

1Zu33 Hansgrohe Axor Ishfrankfurt2019 02
© Myrzik & Jarisch

front view of the booth

About the Project

For the Hansgrohe Group we designed the trade fair presence for the world's leading trade fair ISH 2019 in Frankfurt am Main. The two valve brands Hansgrohe and Axor presented themselves in an impressive overall appearance.
The main theme was the "Digital Megacity" concept, which picks up digitization as a ubiquitous trend and the company's role as a global player. The designers created two spacious brand name houses, which are located on a central boulevard and lead into a hospitality area. The large-scale urban architectural language pursued its own design approaches. Carefully selected, high-quality materials underlined the character of the two brands and the high quality of the fittings.
For Hansgrohe, we chose a translucent, partly backlit façade, using light shades and natural materials inside, thereby fulfilling the brand promise of human closeness. The focus was on the multi-sensory shower experience "RainTunes", in which via App different spray types with light, sound and scent can be combined to different scenarios.
The luxurious design-oriented brand Axor presented itself with a black-matt façade intersected by bands of light. Contrasting lighting created interior museale stagings: the design series "Axor Edge" by french designer Jean-Maire Massaud was the focus of a high-quality marble bathroom ambience.

What’s unique about it

The booth, housing the two brands AXOR and hansgrohe sets a bold statement with its concept. The architectural approach creates a holistic experience of the two brand, their values and the respective product collections. Hansgrohe sets a new standard for a digitally enhanced multi-sensual showering experience, striving to provide a new dimension in domestic recreation, especially to cater the needs of people living in busy mega-cities detached from nature.
AXOR impresses with a powerful architectural interpretation of the iconic „Axor Edge“ collection within a temple-like setting. The atmosphere created by a decisive choice of material, color and lighting captures the visitors’ attention and offers an archaic experience with great impact. The booth concept certainly underlined the relevance s well as the profile of both exhibitors and both brands are among the top ranked experiences of many visitors after spending their day at ISH. In terms of architectural quality, the concept set new standards for ISH which was admitted by many of the top designers (e.g. Philippe Starck, Matteo Thun, Werner Aisslinger, Jay Osgerby) who came to visit the booth.

1Zu33 Hansgrohe Axor Ishfrankfurt2019 13 1
© Myrzik & Jarisch

overview of Axor faucet collections

1Zu33 Hansgrohe Axor Ishfrankfurt2019 15
© Myrzik & Jarisch

hansgrohe hero product

1Zu33 Hansgrohe Axor Ishfrankfurt2019 11
© Myrzik & Jarisch

welcome desk area

1Zu33 Hansgrohe Axor Ishfrankfurt2019 10
© Myrzik & Jarisch

main bathroom hansgrohe ambience

1Zu33 Hansgrohe Axor Ishfrankfurt2019 09
© Myrzik & Jarisch

main bathroom Axor ambience

1Zu33 Hansgrohe Axor Ishfrankfurt2019 08
© Myrzik & Jarisch

main walk way of hansgrohe area

1Zu33 Hansgrohe Axor Ishfrankfurt2019 06
© Myrzik & Jarisch

self-registration terminals

1Zu33 Hansgrohe Axor Ishfrankfurt2019 04
© Myrzik & Jarisch

main entrance to the Axor area

1Zu33 Hansgrohe Axor Ishfrankfurt2019 01
© Myrzik & Jarisch

side entrance to the hansgrohe area

Location of project:

Hansgrohe Fairs and Exhibitions

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