Nickelodeon Slime City

Designed by: Yellow Studio
For client: Nickelodeon Floor area: 2000.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
Submitted for: Exhibition of the Year

6 M9 A7337

About the Project

In Nickelodeon's world, it's an HONOR to get slimed. To get slimed is to be inducted into its green, gooey kingdom of belly-laughs and joyful shrieks, where boring rules like "do not touch" or "please be quiet" don't exist. Why would they?Adults made them up. Slime City's for kids. As such, the 13-room universe we created is a fast-moving, interactive playground of neon-green delight. The best way is to experience it *as a kid,* so let's pretend we're kids again:
Finally. You've been waiting for this day FOREVER. As your mom's car pulls up to Slime City, slime drips down the building. Inside: waterslide pipes swirl from ceiling to floor, so all you can think as you're whisked along is, "There's gotta be slime in there." And there is: at the very first stop, slime spews into a bubbling trough. YOU'RE ALLOWED TO TOUCH IT! So you do, obviously.
You run from room to room, buzzing from the energy around you. There's so much to see, like a black-lit neon room where neon pictures hover in the air like magic.
You stop for pictures just long enough to make a face. (You're here to PLAY, not pose, mom. But fine.) Suddenly, you're inside a bottle of soda, or at least that's what it feels like: gigantic bubbles float all around as the floor's optical illusion renders gravity obsolete.
You swing on tire swings, spin on a merry go-round, and dive into the biggest bean-bag in the world.
Finally, it happens: There's a rumbling from the pipes, a countdown (3,2,1...), and SPLASH!

What’s unique about it

Our design deserves to win because it encourages play. It brings out the best in kids: their wild imaginations, unbound energy, voracious appetites for active discovery. For adults, it brings out their inner children. We should know: to find design inspiration, we closed our eyes and asked our younger selves, "What would I want to do on a Saturday afternoon as a Nickelodeon fan? I'm probably antsy and hyper and dying to do something that leaves me breathless. What would I find new and exciting?"
From there, we let the imaginations of our "inner children" roam, pretended it was their birthday, and said yes to everything: "Yes you can feel the slime! RIGHT AWAY. The moment you get in the first room. Yes you can have a gigantic bean bag chair that takes up the entire space. Yes you can walk through neon lights. Yes you can touch that, do that, go there."
Everything in this wheelchair/ADA accessible world is irresistibly touchable, satisfyingly tangible. In an age where experiences have become about the photo: proof of the fun you *had,* past-tense, our design prioritizes HAVING fun, in the moment.
Atlanta Magazine wrote, "There’s space for [kids] to dance, run around, burn off energy and play...The three elementary-school-aged kids on my media tour group seemingly had a blast as they raced from room to room.”
That said, when you do happen to pause for long enough to take a photo, every room in Slime City's visually thrilling environment makes for an absolutely ace picture.

6 M9 A7077
6 M9 A7353
6 M9 A7386
6 M9 A7272
6 M9 A7032
6 M9 A8108
6 M9 A7658
6 M9 A7461
Location of project:
Yellow Studio

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