Shin Fuji Station

Designed by: cmyk Interior & Product(Kenichi Yoshizato, Hiroko Kato)
For client: City of Fuji, Shizuoka, Japan Floor area: 71.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Governmental Interior of the Year

73Asty Shinfuji 008Wu

Lobby chairs and flooring patterns also represent the city identity that Fuji is proud of.

About the Project

As the face of the city of Fuji, the historical Shin-Fuji High-speed rail station and its commercial area are revived in this project.

By focusing on functionality and circulation of the station, we aim to realize the requested concept “Compact City”- a local government project to bring out a lively station-centered community. While crowded areas spot the city in patches, the city of Fuji is no exception to the severe social problem of declining population of Japan. With much anticipation and support to represent and promote the city, shops were consolidated into the bigger station area, and the project employed local workforce and lumber materials.

With calm and rich wooden feel to the atmosphere, the designed convenience of the information counter, lounge, and interactive features of the station will lead to gained traffic, impression and improvement of lives in Fuji.

What’s unique about it

The city of Fuji is in Shizuoka Prefecture of Japan, and is known for the infamous Volcano peak Mt.Fuji. Our team worked closely with the local government to bring out the next stage of social planning, and to accommodate the change of demographics and the visiting population. While this station host a large commercial building called Asty, we have created a space that enables dwelling for visitors and set a tone of Fuji, as a city that continue to thrive in the next generations.

73Shinfuji 04

All materials are natural and we used local lumber in abundance.

73Shinfuji 02

Information booth is bright and employs another geometric pattern with movement, as well as different height for wide spectrum of user demographics.

73Asty Shinfuji 013
73Asty Shinfuji 012

Intricate design and intersecting geometric pattern is reflected on the ceiling, flooring, the metal sliding doors, stairs and wooden structured wall.

73Asty Shinfuji 010

As public space, the station hosts heavy traffic. As seating solution the staircase design is employed in the vast lobby.

73Asty Shinfuji 007
Location of project:
cmyk Interior & Product

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