Aquazzura Store, Milan

Designed by: Casa do Passadiço
For client: Aquazzura Floor area: 55.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Best Craftsmanship

Fad Cd P 1804 129 23 Hrs
© Francisco Almeida Dias

Detail of the black and white tented-shape ceiling and Murano chandelier.

About the Project

The interior designers of Casa do Passadiço, Cláudia and Catarina Soares Pereira designed the new Aquazzura store in Milan, located in Via Sant´Andrea. The designers found its inspiration in the 70´s Italian design and architecture and designed all the interiors to its most details, all custom made exclusively for this project, using top-level craftmanship and noble and sophisticated materials: the rare burgundy and grey french marble floor, the tented-shape ceiling (the stripes are recurrent features of the brand that found its inspiration roots in the Florentine Basilica of Santa Maria Novella) and the golden brass wall covered of thousands of hand-cut golden scales, creating a pattern that is reminiscent of the gold pineapple ( iconic symbol of the brand) the pink hue present in the glossy lacquer paneling walls, the niches upholstered in pink silk moiré fabric, the golden brass shelves, the velvet sofas, the woven wool carpet, the black and white marble corridor floor and the mouth-blown Murano glass chandelier, all harmoniously combined to conceive an intimate luxurious parlour and resulting in a balanced use of contemporary elegance and luxury.

What’s unique about it

The design of this store has artistic merit for its singular concept, design and mix of styles; for its innovative use of noble materials and also for its craftmanshhip work.

Fad Cd P 1804 068 23 Hrs
© Francisco Almeida Dias

The perspective from the interior of the store to the entrance.

Fad Cd P 1804 001 23 New Hrs
© Francisco Almeida Dias

The façade and window of the store.

Fad Cd P 1804 052 23 New Hrs
© Francisco Almeida Dias

The main room of the store (vertical image)

Fad Cd P 1804 093 23 New Hrs
© Francisco Almeida Dias

The corridor that leads the main room to the cash desk.

Fad Cd P 1804 089 23 New Hrs
© Francisco Almeida Dias

Detail of the sofas and chandelier reflected in the mirror

Fad Cd P 1804 060 23 Hrs
© Francisco Almeida Dias

Another perspective where we can see the marble back of the sofas, as a continuation of the floor.

Fad Cd P 1804 097 23 Hrs
© Francisco Almeida Dias

Detail of the corridor that leads to the cash desk

Fad Cd P 1804 133 23 Hrs
© Francisco Almeida Dias

Detail of velvet custo-made sofas and marble side tables.

Fad Cd P 1804 116 23 Hrs
© Francisco Almeida Dias

Detail of the door handrail, the golden brass pineapple, symbol of the brand.

Location of project:
Casa do Passadiço

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