ZhiZhi Massage

Designed by: Guang Zhou Hui Yi Ming Cheng Architectural Design
For client: Mr. Wang Floor area: 200.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
Submitted for: Health Club of the Year

Public Score
4.09 Function
3.91 Innovation
4.20 Creativity
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The space transition

About the Project

The bamboo in the light shadow is the unique part of this massage space. It uses light shadow to divide the space and the gauze glass to weaken the sense of bamboo, which creates visual perception of “virtual” and “real”, reflecting the aesthetic essence of nature. The gauze glass softens the overall space and reflects the importance of the using light shadow materials. The wall of bamboo made of acrylic material and mirror wall becomes a landscape, which makes the visual sense of spatial dislocation and space extension. The bamboo with different thickness and the different perception brought by different materials make the space natural and elegant. The limited space is with landscape of different quality.

Project Name: ZhiZhi Massage
Project Location: Xi'an, China
Project Area: 200 sqm
Designer: WU Licheng

What’s unique about it

Using light and shadow to divide the space function partition. The decoration inside and outside of the room area is divided by luminous wall. The combination of light and shadow and line is the overall visual extension, traditional material utilization and contemporary aesthetic construction, Interspersed application of different materials makes the space comfortable and soft, spatial and visual presentation are different from products of the same format, this is a new attempt.

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leisure area

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Art installation

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The wall of bamboo made of acrylic material

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Public areas and landscape

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Corridor transition

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Light and shadow material

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