EQ House

Designed by: Takenaka Corporation
For client: TAKENAKA CORPORATION Floor area: 88.08 M² Year of completion: 2019
Submitted for: House of the Year

Eq House 03
© Noboru Inoue

Interior (Living tube-Mobility tube, Daylight view)

About the Project

“A House as Living Being”
In order to shape this concept, EQ house is connected to environmental status and the owner’s feedback. A wide variety of appliances in the house are connected by means of MQTT protocol so that its network can control all of them at the same time. Then, its artificial intelligence engine generates variable status integrated with natural environment to acquire as much owner’s feedback of “like” through a smart watch as possible. In the end, the house can learn the owner’s taste so as to provide the owner’s favorable environment as if it were alive.
A house shape includes tube-like rooms: one is called “living tube” and the other is “mobility tube.” These two rooms meet and cross each other, being installed with Glass User Interface at the intersection and it shows and the information of the environmental status. These rooms are covered with switchable glasses which change their transparency according to its illuminance as well as the owner’s position to protect him or her from direct sunlight.
To be connected to natural environment, its façade consists of perforated aluminum panels so that sunlight and wind can come into the room. The pattern is designed to create light effect imitating sunlight through leaves. The randomness of the pattern is generated through an optimization process among three factors: the pattern’s edge length, amount of useful daylight illuminance and amount of direct sunlight.

What’s unique about it

In this project, we named the word “Archiphilia” as a concept.
“Archiphilia” is a coined term of “architecture” and “Philia” which means love and friendship in Greek. “Philia” is a form of love that is particularly emphasized in Aristotle's ethicology and refers to spontaneous, mutual affection centered on common values and goals, without the need for intervening legal constraints.
As we move from the era of the value of goods to the era of the value of services, we imagine that the values we propose in the future will be voluntary and mutual affection.
"Archiphilia" is an architectural concept that embodies such a state. By utilizing technologies such as sensing, IoT, AI, and digital control, we aim to create a state in which people can seamlessly connect with architecture, the environment, information, services, and goods, and control them by sensitivity, and can empathize with them.
In particular, installed with advanced IoT technology and artificial intelligence, EQ House is expected to be attached by the owner as if it were life-like architecture. It is installed with varied sensors to perceive environmental status and accumulates data about the owner’s preference by means of “like” buttons from the smartwatch.
Also, our effort can be considered to be valuable because we did not only design, but also developed a design and construction methodology according to the near future.

Eq House 09

Exterior (Night view)

Eq House 08
© Noboru Inoue

Semi-exterior (Terrace)

Eq House 07
© Noboru Inoue

Semi-exterior (Water feature)

Eq House 06
© Noboru Inoue

Interior (Glass Interface)

Eq House 05
© Noboru Inoue

Interior (Bedroom)

Eq House 04
© Noboru Inoue

Interior (Living tube-Mobility tube, Night view)

Eq House 02
© Noboru Inoue

Exterior (Daylight view)

Eq House 01
© Noboru Inoue

Interior (Light controlled by artificial intelligence)

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