Boni bonbon Kids Cafe

Designed by: Z+ Design
For client: Boni bonbon Kids Cafe Floor area: 440.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Restaurant of the Year

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© Yongjoon Choi

The entrance floor is decorated with gold lines to outline the Bonibonbon brand logo, embracing each audience, and the ceiling elements give people fluent and dynamic glamor .The pink merry-go-round stands at the corner of the restaurant and becomes a sym

About the Project

At the beginning of the design, as we have heard the mother’s nagging with happiness and burdens we know that they need such a space where they can relax and accompany their children, and a place lead them away from the dust and let themselves be in harmony with their children. for this reason, in the Wangjing business district in the northeast corner of Beijing, the Z+Design team have found a place that fits the “land advantage”. Here, for the young parents who are tired of living we have created a piece of paradise, a Happy land.

If you are busy with work, you will not be able to accompany your child, accompany child you will sacrifice your time vice versa. We know that the hardships of mothers in each family and want to liberate them and let them enjoy a relaxing parent-child time. In the design concept, Z+Dsign selects pink as the main color of the space, blending it into white and gold, and injecting the elements of the "circle" into each design detail, like pouring the mother's love into the whole space, adding more Women's femininity, more gentleness.

What’s unique about it

The designer use white as the basic color of the space, and uses white to enhance the brightness of the space. walls, lamps, windows, tables and chairs... We have a golden outline with a slight retro color to make the whole space more three-dimensional. The combination of white, gold and pink makes the overall space atmospheric and transparent .
The desire and feelings of reunion are like the roots deeply rooted in everyone's mind. It is the appeal of everyone's heart to pray for reunion. The "circle" and the graphics derived from the circle became the main elements of this parent-child restaurant. Semi-circular entrance door, long round door sign and guide system, round wall decoration... Space elements made up of circles can be seen everywhere, "circle" rhythm, smart and streamlined shape let the space flow.
The novelty of the unknown makes each child exploratory. slides, marine balls, trampolines, these entertainment facilities for children are interspersed in the space. In addition, in order to enhance the fun of the experience, the trampoline facilities set the screen interactive effect, there will be unexpected surprises. The kitchen experience area, the supermarket experience area, the reading area, and the toy area are also unexpected facilities for cultivating children's hands-on brain skills. The elegant carousel in the doorway not only satisfies the child's preferences, but also becomes an area where mothers are competing to take pictures.

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© Yongjoon Choi

The design of the pink grid-like wall makes the overall space of the bathroom dexterous and elegant, and the circular mirror hangs above the wall, making the corner of the sink more vibrant.

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© Yongjoon Choi

The ceiling track light is streamlined and extends from the entrance into the store. While meeting the lighting of the restaurant, when you looks up inadvertently where the sights touch are hiding the details.

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© Yongjoon Choi

The reading area is presented in the form of a “sky castle”, and the transparent glass gives a top-down view of the line of sight. Stepping up the stairs and turn the corner go in, it seems to be in the pure land of the air, so that your spiritual world c

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© Yongjoon Choi

The gold-tone metal lines blend with pinkish white to create a restaurant seating style that construct the space beauty of gentleness,in this quiet and comfortable space, mothers can enjoy a free and leisurely afternoon.

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© Yongjoon Choi

The style of the restaurant's door is slightly retro in style, and the design of the golden door is highlighted in the overall entrance style of the white tone. At night, the lights flash, on the corner of the street, showing off the low-key niceness.

Boni Bonbon Extra 3
© Yongjoon Choi

The brand logo image wall is made of metal reticulation elements, which is simple and transparent but not lack of exquisite details.

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© Yongjoon Choi

The golden lines and round metal elements are the main decorative elements in the space, which complement each other with pink and white.

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© Yongjoon Choi

The white marine ball pool is synonymous with dream paradise. As the slide slides down and falls into it, also like being wrapped in a fine white marine foam, so that the children, climb up and down by the climbing net, simply immersed in it.

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© Yongjoon Choi

The gold rivet dot elements form the wall decoration of one corner of the leisure area, and the details highlight the design team's painstaking conception. Order a cup of coffee, watch the children play around, throw the tiredness in the food, and digest

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