Wood Wood at Revolver International Fashion Trade Show, Copenhagen

Designed by: Spacon & X
For client: Wood Wood Floor area: 54.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Trade-Fair Stand of the Year

Ww Front Anton Jouve Heger

The front of the Wood Wood trade-fair stand. One of several entrances.

About the Project

The original idea of a trade-fair booth is to build a temporary stage to display the new collections. Spacon & X turned this traditional setup inside out with the conceptual design for the Wood Wood booth at Revolver International Fashion Trade Show in Copenhagen.
Instead of an open stage the Wood Wood booth resembled a closed off box constructed by and covered with raw materials and modular standard systems. Metal grids, raw plywood, plaster modules, visible plastic strips, steel profiles and transparent polycarbonate were some of the materials which adorned the stand.
All these materials are normally hidden behind polished walls, but in this inside-out-concept these materials are brought to the very front in order to questioning existing standards of luxury materials and style.

Some may confuse the aesthetics with a random construction site, but that is certainly not the case. This trade-fair booth pushed its visitors to appreciate the incomplete and modest raw materials. We believe luxury can just as well be found at a construction site.

The conscious material choices simultaneously contrasted the refined materials of the Wood Wood collection and triggered attention in the grand fair space. The design radiates a calm no-bullshit attitude reflecting not only the collection but the cores of the Wood Wood brand.

What’s unique about it

In our opinion a trade-fair booth is all about materializing a fashion brand’s identity. By exaggerating the ambiance of the collection, we allow the customers to embrace the current state of mind of the brand and their newest collection.
This space is raw, rough and honest. Materializing the Wood Wood attitude which combines sophistication with urban roots and an unpretentious manner. Additionally, Spacon & X wanted to face the construction issue of a temporary trade-fair booth. By using less expensive materials and standard units we created a simple concept; reveal the hidden construction materials and underline the beauty of ordinary materials by turning them into extraordinary details.

Moreover, this stand differs from the standard booths because of its relatively closed-off structure. This structure may seem less inclusive at first, but by using raw materials which does not resemble obvious luxury the stand eliminates any potential excluding expression. Leaving the only luxury element to be the high quality of the Wood Wood collection.
Spacon and X is proud to continuously question what luxury is or should be by playing with materials, shapes, concepts and human presumptions.

Ww Plandrawing

Plan drawing

Ww Side

Section details

Ww Iso

ISO drawing

Ww Interior Callum Sheeran

Meeting area

Ww Details Sarah Stenfeldt
© Sarah Stenfeldt

Wall details

Ww Details Anton Jouve Heger

Material details

Ww Details Anton Jouve Heger 1

Rail details

Ww Details Anton Jouve Heger 0

Railing systems

Ww Details Anton Jouve Heger 2

Another entrance to the wood wood stand

Location of project:
Spacon & X

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