Four Seasons Hotel São Paulo

Designed by: Foco Luz & Desenho
For client: Four Seasons Hotel Floor area: 159806.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Best Use of Light

Fssp Swimmingpool 1896
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In the pool area, cylindrical volumes receive subtle lighting on their tops, reinforcing the intimist and dramatic atmosphere.

About the Project

In September 2018 the first Brazilian Four Seasons Hotel was inaugurated in São Paulo. The clients requested that finishes, materials and objects had to be national, resulting in a great research opportunity for Foco Luz & Desenho. The office was responsible for the lighting project, guided by initial concepts stipulated by the American office Lang Lighting Design, Inc.

On the hotel's reception ceiling, concentric lines of transparent and luminous spheres were contrasted by a dark panel, creating a glaring atmosphere. In Ballroom, rectangular frames made with translucent pendants gave life to the space and hid the fluorescent fixtures embedded in the ceiling.

In the lobby, indirect lighting was chosen for the gold-paper-covered wall. The restaurant was programmed with different intensities to attend clients, from breakfast to dinner. At the spa's reception, light beams illuminated a panel made of wood sculptures, accentuating its contours. For the pool area, cylindrical volumes received subtle lighting on their tops.

The project highlight is the helicoidal staircase. To offer even more expressiveness to the marble steps and its reddish and golden tones, Foco chose baseboards with built-in lights and some pendant lightings that could accompany the movement of the steps. A handcrafted work, done locally, that perfectly translated the exclusive experience of the Four Seasons Hotel São Paulo.

What’s unique about it

Foco Luz & Desenho faced the great challenge of dealing with different architects and designers concepts, while at the same time creating a unique unity for all the Four Seasons spaces.

Guided by a timeless and minimalist style, the lighting project adapted the the different languages proposed by the international teams of BAMO and EBG with sober pieces and outstanding lines. In all accomodations, indirect lights and yellowish tones guaranteed to the intimate atmospheres a certain imponence with the use of light fixtures in dark and golden tones.

The architecture also influenced the lighting project for all private homes, signed by Studio Arthur Casas. Located on the last twelve floors of the building, the environments favored neutral tones and noble materials. To bring the feeling of lightness and warmth, indirect lights were adapted to an automated system and programmed for different scenarios. Metallic tones, such as brass and copper, were also explored along with the built-in lighting, which highlighted the geometrical joinery and the wooden panels applied to the walls and ceilings.

LED lights were the main choise, due to its better economy and energictic efficience. Due to the different hotel ambiences, Foco opted for differente light fixtures, each of them creating different atmospheres, specific to each space. While lobbys and social areas received striking fixtures, intimate spaces such as hallways and spa opted for dramatic and spotlight beams.

Fssp Sauna 1227
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In the sauna area, built-in lighting brought lightness and tranquility into the space.

Fssp Spa Reception 2149
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At the fitness' reception, a pannel of wood sculptures is highlighted by low lighting, while two lamps frame the space with their rectangular shape.

Fssp Spa Corridor 1214
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Geometric wood panels and textured claddings in the corridors are enhanced by indirect lighting.

Fssp Ballroomfoyer 0604
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In the ballroom foyer, situated on its top floor, a tiled panel is illuminated by asymmetrical beam lamps, developed especially for the application.

Fssp Lobbylounge 1432
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For the bar area, pendants and decorative lighting fixtures are used to create a warm atmosphere.

Fssp Netorestaurant Privateroom 3458 1
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The restaurant lighting is programmed with different intensities, to attend its clients from breakfast to dinner.

Fssp Ballroom 0585
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In the ballroom, downlights are softened by translucent pendants, functioning as “curtains” to hide the direct view of the equipment and to provide a more diffuse light to the environment.

Fssp Frontdesk 3589
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Very ingeniously, a tensioned dark screen was perforated by optical fibers, illuminating individually the glass spheres. The provoking result meets very well the desired idea of a ​​"welcome" feelling.

Fssp Staircase 3356
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A project highlight, the helicoidal staircase has built-in lights in its steps, as well as pendant lightings to accompany the its esculptural shape.

Location of project:
Lang Lighting Design Inc.

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