Selfridges Eyewear Department

Designed by: Alex Cochrane Architects
For client: Selfridges Group Floor area: 345.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Multi-Brand Store of the Year

Aca Selfridges Ground Floor Eyewear 004
© Alex Cochrane Architects

The central display is positioned along the main walkway with cantilevered metallic shelves, concealed lighting and high-level mirror.

About the Project

A focal point of the exhaustive ground floor renovation of Selfridges’ Oxford Street flagship store. At over 4000SqFt this is the largest eyewear department in the world with over 2,200 styles presented.

Carefully designed terrazzo display walls with niches and horizontal shelves wrap around the perimeter. Five vibrantly coloured geometric feature walls are positioned in strategic locations. Their playful use of colour and unique display provide a visual interlude.

An additional central display is positioned along the main walkway. Cantilevered metallic shelves are lit top and bottom with the vertical faces being powder-coated electric blue. This display wall also doubles up as a pop-up location where a brand can be launched or showcased.

In contrast, warm tones of a rosewood bar with brass accents cantilever at a gravity defining. Counter height seating and inset displays cantilever at a gravity defining distance. Tablets are provided with photographic and recording capabilities that allow the customer to test an array of eyewear options without the obscurity of looking through a tinted lens.

Eyewear experts are on hand to advise on the best options available to the customer including a possible referral to one of the 3 opticians that inhabit the private treatment rooms resourced with the latest optical technology. Treatment rooms are lined in fabric ensuring a softer, quieter and more intimate environment.

What’s unique about it

ACA worked with Selfridges to ensure all materials and finishes were chosen on the basis of having sound environmental credentials. The terrazzo was developed using only wasted aggregates with 0% VOCs biodegradable binders. Fabric was chosen for its 85% recyclable content natural dyes and the rosewood veneer was reconstituted veneer with biodegradable plant dyes to achieve a rosewood appearance.

ACA worked with the eyewear specialists to develop bespoke scanning hardware and software that could easily be accessed by customers with impaired mobility.

Shape, colour and composition, rigorous attention to detail, unique lighting solutions, inclusion of the latest technologies along with a rigorous environmental and accessible approach combine to ensure that the Eyewear Department goes beyond being a successful commercial construct. This eyewear department is a unique and relevant global retail destination that will amaze and inspire.

Aca Selfridges Ground Floor Eyewear 001
© Alex Cochrane Architects

Monolithic terrazzo walls set against contrasting warmer tones of brass and rosewood.

Aca Selfridges Ground Floor Eyewear 003
© Alex Cochrane Architects

Rosewood and terrazzo counters, with inset suede pads and circular brass mirrors display eyewear on backlit acrylic blocks.

Aca Selfridges Ground Floor Eyewear 008
© James French

Backlit hexagonal shelving showcases eyewear within an innovative framework.

Aca Selfridges Ground Floor Eyewear 007
© Alex Cochrane Architects

Colourful accents offer surprise and playfulness. An interlude from the monumental terrazzo niches and horizontal shelves that wrap around the perimeter.

Aca Selfridges Ground Floor Eyewear 006
© Alex Cochrane Architects

A variety of experimental display formats are put to use across the floor.

Aca Selfridges Ground Floor Eyewear 005
© Alex Cochrane Architects

Shape, colour, composition and unique lighting solutions provide innovative display solutions.

Aca Selfridges Ground Floor Eyewear 002
© Alex Cochrane Architects

Doorway to the intimate treatment rooms lined in blue and grey fabric. Geometric feature walls provide playful use of colour and unique display.

Aca Selfridges Ground Floor Eyewear 010
© James French

Back lit vibrant green steel shelving with clear acrylic blocks to showcase exclusive eyewear.

Aca Selfridges Ground Floor Eyewear 009
© James French

Bottom lit floating triangular display provides a pop of colour and light.

Location of project:
Nulty Lighting


Alinea Consulting

ISG UK Retail

Umdasch Group


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