Doko Bar

Designed by: Waterfrom Design
For client: Doko Bar Floor area: 390.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
Submitted for: Restaurant of the Year

© Kuomin Lee

main aisle

About the Project

Combing over the habits in social media, we can see that people long for a sense of achievement that they get from putting real-life materials on virtual platforms. They convert the accolade they get in the digital world into self confidence in the real worlds. Such show and tell behaviors have blurred the border line of network activities and made the real world and the virtual world reflections of each other. Therefore, we have drawn inspiration from the immersion-style theater found in Broadway’s Fuerzabruta. We have taken it one step further to add explanatory notes to the traditional host-guest nature in dining etiquette. When the stage surrounds you and the play unfolds 360o all around, the observer in one moment can become a part of the show in the next moment and take delight in being the observed. This really turns the one-way view--either looking up or down the stage, but never both up and down--in traditional theater on its head.
In the elongated store, the first floor revolves around the chef bar, forming a couple of concentric circles and a multi-facing theater stage. Going into the stairs to the second floor and the hallways with transparent windows, the stage has been expanded into a 3D structure. These hallways are just like runways in fashion shows. Streams of guests taking their seats have become movements in the show. Everything inside enriches the show. Everyone in the store becomes a member of the platform.

What’s unique about it

Seats by windows are often the most attractive in most restaurants, but we take the function of windows inside the building. We open social media-like frames and screens of various sizes that put spotlight on shows in each frame. In this way, we have broken through the limitations of stores without street frontages. All seats in our store is next to a walkway. From chefs placing their food in plates, to servers putting the dish on guest tables, to stylish guests taking their seats, every frame is part of the theater--all in 3D, all realistic, all familiar to social media language. People have the dual fun of taking the best seat and enjoying the expectation of being observed.
Light, drifty, and dreamy vapor abounds in the entrance hallway. Around 10,000 nylon threads were put together to make a semi-transparent shield. These two things together, sometimes fixed in place and sometimes drifty, seem to symbolize the complexity of interpersonal webs of relationships and correspond to the shape of relationships between oneself and all others in media in the digital age: relationships that are both transparent and hazy, both near and far, both building connections and a wall all at once, and both contradictions and mutually fortifyin. All this again and again shows the contemporary social media relationships that are both real and virtual, hard to draw a line of definition, both still and moving, and at all times forming a unique picture.

© Kuomin Lee

bar area

© Kuomin Lee

dining area

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2F aisle

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VIP room

© Kuomin Lee

VIP room

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© Kuomin Lee

kitchen area

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1F aisle

© Kuomin Lee


We originated from the 15-minute theory, considers the eating process a show.

Location of project:
Waterfrom Design

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