Quay house

Designed by: studio PROTOTYPE
For client: Private Floor area: 300.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
Submitted for: House of the Year

© Jeroen Musch

View of the custom designed kitchen by the studio.

About the Project

IJburg exists out of a number of islands in the IJ lake and is situated east of Amsterdam. On one of the islands, called Rieteiland, a DIY-building lots have been released by residential foundation De Key. The quay of the island is characterized by a large variety of free lot residential houses. On one of these DIY-lots studio PROTOTYPE designed a modest residential building as a modern translation of the traditional quay houses.

In the center of the building a mass and a void are created. The void has been designed as a high and sacral space, creating connection and interaction between the multiple levels and spaces in the house. The mass organizes and shares the building in a front and back house. The core is being pierced by the stairs, which playfully connects the different spaces, from living areas to the bed rooms.

The balance between the masses of the stairs and the lightness of the void can be felt clearly from different positions in the house. Modest hues and materials have been chosen to connect in color and tactility of the base material concrete. As a result, this created synergy between color and texture of the chosen materials and finishing—a serene atmosphere arises. In combination with the dramatic light, the core of the house becomes a space for reflection and serenity.

What’s unique about it

In times of cursory and bombastic image reality in the field of interior architecture, Quay house is an attempt to stand still at the essence of life. In our opinion it is about the experience of light, air and space, this experience is being reinforced by the open character of the interventions in the house, stimulating social encounters and connection. This is also reinforced by the neutral materialisation and solely focusing on these core values. It is precisely this interpretation that delivers sustainable and unique building.

Quay House Amsterdam 4
© studio PROTOTYPE

View on the front facade of the house, with a focus on the custom designed details.

© Jeroen Musch

View from the hallway towards the dining area and garden, with on the left the custom designed cloakroom by the studio.

Quay House Amsterdam 3
© studio PROTOTYPE

View of custom designed closets by the studio in the master bedroom.

© Jeroen Musch

View of the study with a custom designed desk by the studio.

Quay House Amsterdam 2
© studio PROTOTYPE

View from the master bedroom, with custom designed closets from the studio, to the void.

© Jeroen Musch

View from the study, with a custom designed desk by the studio, to a corridor connected to the void.

© Jeroen Musch

View on the void connecting multiple spaces of the house.

© Jeroen Musch

Fragment of the stairwell.

© Jeroen Musch

Top view on the void.

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