Badl, Sarnthein

Designed by: Pedevilla Architects
For client: Bad Schörgau Floor area: 400.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
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5.81 Function
5.80 Innovation
5.80 Creativity
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About the Project

The bathroom on the ground floor consists of an entrance area with the consultation and the rooms of the farmer's bathroom, on the upper floor there are the treatment- and massage-rooms.

The entrance to the bathroom area is through a perforated wooden wall with plant inspired motives. The room has been completely lined with domestic larch, on the big wall near to the entrance the products are exhibited on hand-forged nails made of black steel.
A freely curved staircase connects the two floors. The shape of the staircase and the flowing sequences of rooms refer to the theme of water. A relaxation room, lined as a freeform and with pine shingles, completes the offer.

The "building materials" are provided by nature: stone and wood - hard and durable on the one hand, warm and cozy on the other. The local Sarentino Porphyry stone is used for the production of the floors and plaster surfaces. The domestic larch is used for doors, floors and furnishings. Traditional craftsmanship such as feather keel embroidery (peacock feathers) for the leather door handles establishes a direct link to the Sarentino culture. For the washbasins there are especially designed enamel bowls.

What’s unique about it

The project shows how natural local materials as well as the use of construction and decoration techniques inspired by traditional and historic buildings can be reinterpreted and inspire contemporary architecture.
In this interior the use of decoration is referring to traditional architecture, however is not referring to traditional interiors but to traditional exterior decoration and building techniques.
This innovative referencing to the traditional architecture can be seen in many elements of the bath house interior. For example, the rough plaster that covers the spiral stairs and the walls of the upper-floor is traditionally used in the region as high-resistance finishing for exterior walls of houses and rural buildings. Another example can be seen in the perforated wood sheet with plant inspired motives used as screen in the entrance hall that can be seen in the gamble of several local bath houses.
This translation of traditional exterior elements in new interior feature is even most striking in the use of pine shingles as cladding of the relaxation room. These elements that are traditionally used as roof covering of the mountain cottages here becomes a modern boiserie giving to the room a very innovative look.

This referring to external feature of traditional buildings for the design of the interior create the chance to use traditional material and techniques is a new way. The result is unexpected but never disorienting, innovative and modern yet familiar.

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