Laufen's Salone Stand, Milan

Designed by: Gabrielle Hächler and Andreas Fuhrimann (afgh)
For client: Laufen Bathrooms AG Floor area: 400.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Trade-Fair Stand of the Year

Laufen Stand 2018 0767
© Max Zambelli

High gloss, mono-coloured interior rooms elevate the Laufen products; the light blue of the "Sonar" room creates a fresh, contemporary spatial effect.

About the Project

The architects’ challenge was to make a lasting impression with a temporary structure. Inspired by a visit to the Laufen factory in Switzerland, they created a stage onto which Laufen products were brought to the Salone audience in a playful way, simultaneously showcasing tradition, craftsmanship, history and the beauty of bathroom products.
Contrasting the rough aesthetics of industrial production sites on the exterior facade and atrium space with the slim, elegant style of the almost sculptural interior rooms, the architects create a relationship between art and architecture that emphasises the uniqueness and character of Laufen.

What’s unique about it

A surprising, unusual and innovative product display is presented in the atrium: the "Riva Fountain". This fountain, composed of ten functioning shower-toilets especially programmed for a synchronised water ballet, lends freshness to the atmosphere of the atrium while evoking a twinkle in the eye and a smile on the lips of every visitor to the stand.

Artistic merit is also displayed in the alienated and somewhat ironic product presentations in the interior rooms, which depart from conventional bathroom configuration with peculiar elements that lend the Laufen booth lightness and an additional cultural dimension.

Laufen Stand 2018 0900
© Max Zambelli

In the dark atrium there is an open information desk and a lounge in dark brown and orange tones.

Laufen Stand 2018 0798
© Max Zambelli

High gloss, mono-coloured interior rooms elevate the Laufen products; the royal blue of the "New Classic" room accentuates the collection's timeless, noble qualities.

Laufen Stand 2018 0942
© Max Zambelli

The synchronised water ballet of the Riva Fountain.

Laufen Stand 2018 0961
© Max Zambelli

The industrial design with cement-bonded chipboards is reminiscent of concrete brut. Videos of current Laufen production plants can be seen in the atrium.

Laufen Stand 2018 1009
© Max Zambelli

Production moulds at the main entrance give an idea of the history of craftsmanship. The negative forms of the moulds, inserted in the new context, take on the quality of contemporary sculptures.

Laufen Stand 2018 0992
© Max Zambelli

The facade stands for the industrial manufacturing power of Laufen.

LAUFEN @ Salone del Mobile 2018

Location of project:
Gabrielle Hächler and Andreas Fuhrimann (afgh)

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