Sesumg Technology Headquarters Office, Fuzhou City

Designed by: ELP DESIGN
For client: Jiangxi Sesumg Technology Co., Ltd Floor area: 15000.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
Submitted for: Large Office of the Year

3 The Inner Garden
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Abstract garden is created between entrance hall and book lounge, with tree and “white bamboo”.

About the Project

Sesumg Technology Headquarters Office is a well renovation project from an old factory building, with its core design concept – sense of technology and ecology, which is inspired by Blockchain.

In recent years, due to the rise of Bitcoin, its core technology - Blockchain has been well developed. Sesumg Technology (Client of this project) is one of the rapidly developing enterprises in the Blockchain industry. For this reason, ELP DESIGN according to the needs of the client, transformed the original old factory building with controllable cost, and customized the office space with a sense of future, science and technology, and ecology, as well as a unforgettable facade.

Interior design concept comes from the high-tech content of Blockchain, human-oriented ecological way of work, and the internationalization and younger trend of people. Indoor area we use arc and arch elements to divide space according to different functions, to reach the imagination and demand for working space of young people. The inspiration of the facade design comes from the in-depth interpretation of the core concept of Blockchain – decentralized linking.

What’s unique about it

The concept of interior design of Sesumg Technology Headquarters Office comes from the high-tech content of Blockchain.

- The entrance hall
It adopts the design elements of arc aluminum plate and light belt, which has a strong sense of the future science and technology and was especially memorable.

- Book lounge
The design elements of steps and curved wooden frame are used to create a novel and comfortable feeling of space.

- Abstract courtyard
An abstract courtyard is created between the entrance hall and the book lounge with indoor trees and "white bamboo " (white aluminum tube).

- Water bar leisure and activity area
With arch design elements and abstract courtyard, combined with unique lighting design and soft decoration, we create a multiple function office space with sense of science and technology and ecology.

- Facade
The Inspiration comes from the well understanding of the Blockchain: it is made with 800 pieces of triangle aluminum sheet and perforated plate, which constitutes the 300 point of intersection, explaining the core concept of Blockchain – decentralized linking (every point of intersection is a center, which is linked with each other, to create a Polycentric network).

2 Book Lounge
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Wooden curved frame and steps are used in book lounge to create a novel and comfortable feeling of space.

5 Water Bar
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Water bar area is filled with wood, metal and green element to give user a friendly feeling.

1 The Entrance Hall
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Arc aluminum plate and light belt are designed to create future and technology feeling of entrance hall

4 Vip Room
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VIP room is with arch design elements combined with unique lighting design and soft decoration.

10 Facade Detail
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The façade representing Blockchain technology are impressive.

9 Facade
© Nantu Photography

The façade representing Blockchain technology are impressive.

8 Facade
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Curved element is used together with special shape of façade to create a memorable interior feeling of entrance.

7 Corridor
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Arc element is also used in corridor area in order to letting the whole office have integrality.

6 Activities Room
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Hollow ceiling and colorful seats are used in activities room to make user feel easy and comfort to have variety of activities in it.


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