Designed by: Mario Montesinos
For client: Friend Floor area: 76.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Small Apartment of the Year

3 Cocina 22
© Luis Beltrán

Theatrical Kitchen with the micro-cement platform and the blue divider.

About the Project

The apartment is located in the historic neighborhood of Ruzafa, next to the Parque Central in Valencia. With five rooms and a bathroom in its original distribution; It becomes a house composed of a collective space with the living room and kitchen, and a private space with two rooms and two bathrooms. The domestic space as a place of leisure and work, public and private space. On the vertical axis, the blue module divides the two scopes. On the horizontal axis, a platform with micro-cement pavement divides the rooms in each space, in contrast to the original hydraulic tile pavement. The conservation of the gallery, with outdoor space and laundry, allows double circulation.

Made by local artisans, all pieces have been produced with glass, stone, iron and pvc. Prototypes designed for the apartment a as an extension of the human body itself, not only capable of performing a certain function.

What’s unique about it

Under the predictions about the end of human work, no longer treated as futuristic visions, the technified home and ultraconnected to the networks, exemplifies the dissolution of the limits between public and private, work and leisure, rest and action ... The home becomes a pleasure machine, a dance floor, a studio, a bar, an office ... A place of exhibition and transformation through the creation of theatrical environments and atmospheres that have a profound effect on users, questioning the limits between the real and the digital. The self-referenced space of projection and staging of the collectiveness and individuality. The total liberation of the domestic space.

Disco space will exemplify this more open understanding of the world of design, not limited to the creation of everyday objects, but as an instrument to modify the user through experience. The design of the disco club has a great impact on the user behavior through the insertion of objects that stimulate the imagination or enable the action; Pop universe designs, colorful and playful environments, perforated and reflective surfaces. A type of space that in addition to its function, it focuses on the symbolic and the representational, on traditional psychological aspects in the culture.

17 Plantabuenosaires


11 Baño1 2
© Luis Beltrán

Bathroom 2 detail

10 Baño2 3
© Luis Beltrán

Bathroom 1 detail

9 Baño1 1
© Luis Beltrán

Bathroom 2

8 Baño2 2
© Luis Beltrán

Bathroom 1

2 Cocina 1
© Luis Beltrán


1 Cocina 32
© Luis Beltrán


6 Salon 3
© Luis Beltrán

Living room with three side tables, Humanoid lamp and Arch sideborad designed for the apartment and inspired by Discos

5 Mesa 2
© Luis Beltrán

Dinning space with the Elephant table, the Galaxy lamp and the mirror designed for the apartment and inspired by Discos

Location of project:


Mármoles Ros

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