Giesecke+Devrient - Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2019

Designed by: KERN
For client: Giesecke+Devrient Mobile Security GmbH Floor area: 180.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
Submitted for: Trade-Fair Stand of the Year

Greenlight Sequence

View from main hallway - Greenlight sequence

About the Project

The Core and figurehead of our trade fair booth was the media facade, an implementation of our campaign that translated our customers’ diverse challenges into visual metaphors from the field of sports. Special emphasis was put on our most important visual brand-building feature, the so-called greenlight, a unifying element with an amazing effect from a distance − an effect which was of great importance with regard to both the positioning of our brand and the location of our booth in the exhibition hall. The multiplicity of topics and customer groups was mirrored in an image composition that, through the arrangement of architectural and medial elements, offered ever-changing information, depending on the time and viewing perspective. In accordance with our defined customer journey, the booth was divided into three horizontal areas, making the most of the relatively small floor space. The demo area in the front part offered the open area necessary for encouraging anyone interested to stop by for a visit and gain quick insight: installed multimedia demo stations supported our experts in giving their live demonstrations of products and solutions while also corroborating the progressive aspect of our narrative and the trade fair theme ‘Intelligent Connectivity’. Stepping into the bar and lounge area, visitors found room for in-depth discussion in a pleasant environment. Exclusive meeting rooms were available in the back area, offering privacy to customers and sales personnel.

What’s unique about it

The trade fair presentation excelled with its versatility, a feature that our booth radiated in its entirety as well as in all of its individual elements. The booth design reconciled a multitude of complex requirements using a small number of simple and cost-efficient means. It balanced the aspiration to provide specific ideas, products, and solutions in a technical manner with the accessibility of aesthetics and emotional inspiration: the multimedia demo stations allowed for interactive presentations in a contemporary way that was easy to grasp. The media facade with its visual metaphor, the athletes’ view of the obstacles ahead of them, brought life to the complex and abstract challenges our customers face. This combination of diverse elements did justice to the overall topic of the trade fair ’Intelligent Connectivity’ without losing track of the individual customers with their particular needs. Finally, the architectural composition combined aesthetic quality based on a small selection of clear details and an innovative artistic concept with consistent functionality, guaranteeing a pleasurable and informative visitor experience. In so doing, it painted a clear and comprehensible picture of our brand as a whole that did not neglect the complexity and diversity of our portfolio, encouraging visitors to join us on an exciting journey through Giesecke+Devrient Mobile Security’s world.

Slackline Sequence

Front view - Slackline sequence

Hospitality Area

Hospitality area

Isometric Section Hospitality Area

Isometric section - Hospitality area


Left & right Elevation


Sections hospitality area & bar

Product Demo Area

Product & demo area

Highlight Area

Highlight area

Booth Layout

Booth layout

Main Image

View from main hallway

Location of project:
Giesecke+Devrient Mobile Security GmbH

visuarte GbR mediale Erlebniswelten (Film Creation)

Zeeh Design GmbH (Construction Company)

ICT AG (Digital Media)

Posselt Consult GmbH (Static Engineer)

ORT Studios GmbH (Graphics)

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