The Curve

Designed by: Eason Lee, Renee Hsu
For client: Mr. Lee Floor area: 100.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
Submitted for: Large Apartment of the Year

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About the Project

The site is located next to the Tamshui River. It is a place which can keep the noise of the city away, slowing down the tempo of life and allows the resident to enjoy the sea breeze and enjoy the accompany of the tide and sunset every day.
The design concept of the space is to harmonize the space with cozy lifestyle. It is beginning with a curved wooden wall which blurs the boundary between public and private spaces of the house. While the hidden doors remain seamlessly closed, the wall is also surprisingly becoming the terminal view of the vision which embodies the concept of inclusiveness and softness.
The house uses natural elements such as cypress、marble and diatomaceous earth. The original color and texture of the material are all reserved to echo and immerse with the surrounding natural environment. There is no dazzling and complex design, but the use of tactic with simplicity such as repetition, sequence, turning and stacking of the simple design elements.

What’s unique about it

The innovative design on the curved wood wall can not only blur the boundary of public and private space but also presents aesthetics. It is the most important part of this house. Therefore, we can create a cozy, friendly and luminous space where the residents can easily look at the peaceful sea view outside of the window while enjoying interaction with each other whenever suitable.

The materials are used cleverly to emphasize the intimacy between human and environment. The feature of natural material is fully utilized to create better and pleasant living quality. The environmentally friendly materials are all used without excessive processing to show its authentic nature. The aromatic cypress wood grille is used for wall and ceiling decoration which brings peace and delight in life. The diatomaceous earth can adjust the air temperature and the moisture.

This is a warm, cozy house that we created for the resident. This is our interpretation of home.

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The residents can easily look at the scenery view outside of the window while enjoying interaction with each other.

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Calm and modest open kitchen design.

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Luminous and cozy living room.

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The authentic color and texture of material are reserved to harmonize with the nearby natural environment.

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Bedrooms are cleverly hidden behind the wall.

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Bedrooms are cleverly hidden behind the wall.

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The curved wooden wall connecting the living room with private spaces seamlessly.

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The doors can not only be just a gate to other space, but also a delightful scene in the house.

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Site plan

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