NK Private Residence Project

Designed by: Karen Chekerdjian Studio
For client: Nadine Kharrat Floor area: 400.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Large Apartment of the Year

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The living area combines two different types of seating, one facing the large windows and treated as an outside seating area when the sliding doors are opened and the other The lighting solution was conceived to avoid false ceilings.Fine lighting tracks

About the Project

Project NK by Karen Chekerdjian Studio:

Private residence-Beirut

Completion: 2018

Worktime: 2 years

Between Antiquity and Modernity, there is something in common. This space was conceived to play with this fine line.
The way we divided the space, the choice of the materials and the esthetic languages where all based on something that is the opposite of decorative and ornamental art, closer to brutalism, plain and simple.
That was our starting point rule.
We than decided to separate the private space, from the public space, with rotating, concrete doors that would resemble the entrance of a private temple. A way to emphasize the separation and the connection between those two spaces. The private is the sacred.
We kept everything as raw as we could, avoiding false ceilings and painted walls wherever we could. We wanted to show the skeleton of the construction.
And than we designed the central masterpiece of this space: the bar. It was thought like the heart of the home. This piece is the essence of all our ideas:
Massive yet delicate. All the furniture selection was done with the same approach.

What’s unique about it

This project doesn’t fit our usual scope of work. we treated it differently using a language that is specific to a studio specialized in furniture and object design.

This radical approach led us inspire ourselves by the raw finish of the construction rather than to adapt to the cosmetics of the traditional decorative expression.

Layout Nk
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The materials, rattan, travertine and concrete were borrowed from traditional furniture conception.

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Therefore the bathrooms were conceived more as bedrooms rather than prevailing functionality.

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In the private area of the apartment, the master bedroom, the dressing and the bathroom were all designed as one entity to force the body and the space to unify. The bathroom was split into two: the daily usage to the back and the indulgence moments facin

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All wall cladding in this space follows the same identity of the raw constructed walls. A hidden door within the concrete walls gives you access to the kitchen area. The HVAC were conceived in a manner to resemble industrial spaces.

Travertin Bespoke Bar In A Private Residence 2
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The central piece of the house is a made-to-measure bar, even more, a place to gather around, to live and to give the space its core. Also inspired from archaeological sites, this massive structure emphasizes the feeling of home stability.

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This area is warmer with a dominating rounded shape sofa, facing the garden through large windows. When the windows are opened the salon becomes like an outdoor seating.

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Once open, the panels let the 2 spaces meet. if closed, the two areas are separate from the eyes of the visitors. The raw material are now a decorative element rather than a constraint allowing us to avoid redundant doors and hallways. Giving you the p

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These wall cladding in concrete are swiveling panels that can turn 360 degrees and work as a separation between public and private areas.

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