The Work Project, Asia Square

Designed by: Hassell
For client: The Work Project Floor area: 3252.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
Submitted for: Large Office of the Year

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Within the lounge, a customized grid pattern of tiles and an open black cell ceiling establish two planes, which emphasise the skewed, curved, lacquered box, which houses meeting spaces in blush tones, and divides the lounge into more intimate zones.

About the Project

The Work project draws on the established design language of the iconic Denton Corker Marshal building, Asia Square, an exploration of the grid – both through observation of the rigid implementation as well as a playful deviation from it.
Our reference point for this project was the broad and varied design language of the post-modern. A celebration of unusual materiality and reinterpretation of classic elements.
From grey granite and glass typical building lobby there are timber-lined boxes relating to entry points. Secondary entries are created as timber cubes and mirrored ceilings that are accented by the formal entry. The formal entry is created as a larger timber box and lined with a living green internal box-surrounded by neutral series of gallery corridors.
Within the lounge, a tile grid pattern and an open cell ceiling establish two planes, which emphasise the skewed, curved, lacquered red box, housing meeting spaces in blush tones. Another green wall commands attention balanced by the iconic furniture items throughout the space.
The work space is ruled by linearity, responding to the form of the building and ensuring efficient but comfortable allocation of space. Aluminium panels carries through here, expressed through exaggerated glazing sections, matched with robust joinery in primary tones – office standards reinterpreted with creative detailing. Natural cork flooring for circulation adds a sense of warmth that carries through the whole floor plate.

What’s unique about it

The Work Project, Asia Square, shows boldness in concept as it does refinement in resolution. HASSELL has again embraced eclectic influences, histories, and styles, as well as dynamic collaboration (in this case with world renown horticulturalist Patrick Blanc) to create a truly unique project. This unique product is both embraced by the users within, translates the brand values of The Work Project, it is intrinsically linked to the context it sits within. The design is bespoke to its location without compromising the financial model and feasibility of the workplace offer.
Throughout the application of the unique narrative, HASSELL has continued to innovate through the use of contrasting textures and materials, mirror and timber offset against abundant vertical planting. A lacquered box containing meeting rooms of custom blush carpets and matching wall fabrics sit within a gridded tiled space. Delicate settings of modern furniture surround this space, carefully curated to produce a variety of intriguing settings.
This exploration extends to the work spaces with the use of cork as general circulation material. At the ceiling bespoke yellow tubes contain integrated lighting and services to further express the essence of the concept and design language. Beyond this, conventional laminate construction is exaggerated through the use of primary colours and accent edging.

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Iconic furniture pieces re-inforce the design language of the building, and pure geometries echo the post-modern aesthetic. A floating leather-wrapped timber screen within the lounge helps create more intimacy while permitting clear sight of views.

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The fully stocked pantry, a bolt of intense blues with a bright yellow tiled pantry unit on a terrazzo floor. Again, materials are reinterpreted and explored in the walls with full-colour MDF panelling, accented with a rigid scored grid, giving a sense of

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The meeting suites have impressive and fully integrated meeting tables, with highly refined but unexpectedly contrasting finishes - a grid of chequered custom carpets paired with aluminium wall battens to create a unique identity while providing just the

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In the lounge, the grid pattern is expressed in mirror finish. Materials are layered over one another with custom rugs laid over marble stone ‘rugs’ and black mirror laid over silver mirror, framing pendant lights.

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The secondary entrances, intended for customers, are expressed in the same grid with maple timber panelling. Furniture and lighting expressed as a single colour provides a playful setting for an impromptu meeting.

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A formal timber grid panelled box provides the first introduction to the narrative, this formality is also expressed in the planning. A rectangular art gallery encloses the cruciform plan of the primary arrival space.

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The arrival experience – a collaboration with horticultural expert, Patrick Blanc. An immersive, four-sided vertical garden comprising more than 200 exotic species offers glimpses through to the spaces beyond.

Section 01

Lobby and work lounge section

Plan 01

General floor plan


Patrick Blanc

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