The Work Project, Parkview Square

Designed by: Hassell
For client: The Work Project Floor area: 1400.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Small Office of the Year

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At the heart of the office, the unique custom ceiling is the centrepiece, accented by custom commissioned lights by Douglas & Bec. A HASSELL-designed custom rug balances the space and echoes the graphic style of the art deco period.

About the Project

The Work Project, Parkview Square, was designed to complement the heritage of the Parkview Square building. The design splices art deco influences with contemporary design elements filtered through the lens of modernist style influences relative to the art deco era.
HASSELL set out to create a robust aesthetic connection with the existing building fabric. Base building material such as the stone from the typical lift lobby extends into the new fit out. Here you are greeted with a double-curved standing reception desk clad in solid coconut wood and leather, a nod to the luxe materials used throughout Park View Square.
From here you enter into, the heart of the office a common lounge set within a circular room; a space that offers sense of intimacy and connectivity. The unique circular ceiling design is accented by commissioned lights by Douglas & Bec that form the centre point to the room. The ceiling is balanced by a custom designed rug sitting under the bespoke lacquered banquette.
In contrast to the earthy tones used in the central lounge space, a darker blue-bathed atmosphere was created for adjacent recesses and meeting spaces. These create private areas for smaller more focused gatherings. These blue-stained timber spaces are accented with customised bronze Henry Wilson light fittings. The remainder of dedicated co-working suites are equipped with acoustic treatment and cork walls for easy collaboration and communication accented with multiple flexible desk options.

What’s unique about it

The Work Project, Parkview square, as per all of HASSELL's workplace design, is based on a rigorous economic framework established and co-authored with the client. This translates to the physical context of enclosed offices and open work areas that provide a diverse offer to the broad co-work audience.
The Work Project's ambition is to be distinguished by design. To create the sense of place we created a unique narrative to define the experience . This narrative draws on the building's unique heritage of its art deco inspiration; the developer was also the owner of the iconic Battersea power station in the UK, where much of the iconography is drawn from.
The narrative pulls both from the romantic era of the art deco, with a focus on luxe materials; marquetry timber to the drum-shaped walls of the lounge, leather, and exotic marquetry of solid palm wood as well as finishes of the time such as hand-glazed ceramic tiles. The narrative also talks to the early development of modernism, a nod to this comes through the use of a Bauhaus inspired rug and use of the iconic Utrecht armchair and Charlotte Perriand LC8 Stool.

© E.K. Yap

A darker blue-bathed atmosphere was created for adjacent recesses and meeting spaces. These create private areas for smaller gatherings, quiet moments of reflection or focused work.

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On the axis of the circular lounge is a meeting room/library where the 'vesica piscis' form feature window frames the work hall beyond.

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The work hall provides flexible and dedicated desks in an open context, under feature ceiling and accented entries with Customised Douglas and Bec lights.

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The arrival experience is seamlessly integrated into the building’s fabric, with the extension of stone from the typical lift lobby and bronze accents echoing the lift fronts. You are greeted with a double-curved standing reception desk clad in solid coco

Section 01
Plan 01

General Floor Layout

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Artwork curated through Korean-based Gallery Huue works to subtly enhance the area, drawing on colour scheme of earth beiges, blues and deep maroons.

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The custom banquette and lounge furniture encourages impromptu meetings and creates a collaborative working environment. The detailing references the romantic era of art deco, with the central drum-shaped lounge in leather and exotic palm wood marquetry.

© E.K. Yap

Deep blue stained timber elevations are accented with custom Henry Wilson bronze light fittings.


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