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We are an international award-winning practice with more than 12 years of experience. Our firm is active in design and research in the fields of architecture, experiential interior design, sensorial spaces, and urban interventions. Our vision is to create emotional spaces that express your values and beliefs in customers.

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We integrate luxury and sustainability, digital and physical, art and technology, adapting these cultural aspects to the needs of our clients in order to shape spaces that reflect both our design philosophy and the client's unique individuality.

Project: Presented By, Techno-Bricks //
Client: Presented By //
Typology: Retail //
Location: London, UK //
Completed: 2019 //

For the concession launch of the Presented by brand at the Harvey Nichols department stores across the UK we sought to maintain and further develop the characteristic brand identity that was created years back on our first collaboration with them for their flagship store in London. The brick waves created for the first Presented by store have come to be an integral part of their brand identity and image, but this time in their collaboration with Harvey Nichols we had to take this much further. The new programmable Techno Brick Wave represents the jump the brand has made along these years to become one of the country’s go-to-references in sneaker and urban hype culture. The programmable wall maintains the brand’s signature image but allows them to re-image the interior constantly by simply updating the visual content displayed on the wall and in this way maintaining that fresh feel that has come to represent them. The fitting originally created for the Harvey Nichols flagship store in Knightsbridge had to allow for rapid replication for the brand’s expansion plan across the multiple Harvey Nichols stores in the UK. Even though each brick is a unique piece, by the implementation of algorithmic design combined with industrial laser cutting technology and a bespoke joining mechanism, the fitting can be adapted to the different stores throughout the UK, from the design stage to having it assembled and working in less than a month.

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Project: Moritz, Moritz-Store //
Client: Moritz //
Typology: Retail //
Completed: 2018 //
Location: Barcelona, Spain

The Moritz factory is since 1856, one of the first breweries in Barcelona, and one of the first to brew craft beer. Although this factory was closed for 33 years it was reformed by the Architect Jean Nouvel in 2011 and after this great leap the client asked us to turn the space around based on this remodeling. We started by moving the existing bar to give space to the new bar in an '' L '' shape of about 6 meters that reaches the window, serving as a manifesto to the outside while simultaneously integrating the interior. This bar embodies 3 tanks in the lower part and 3 in the upper part that connect directly to the tanks of the factory located below where the beer is produced. These long tubes deliver the unpasteurized beer from production to consumption. The glass lights lead you from the entrance to the bespoke furniture made with a tank’s section in the second part of the '' L '' space making up the M-store. This second space is characterized by occupying the walls where the brand t-shirts, gadgets, merchandising elements and books that relate to the world of beer are exhibited.

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Project: The Mine //
Client: 24 Kilates //
Typology: Retail //
Location: Bangkok, Thailand //
Completed: 2019 //

The Mine is the second store for 24 Kilates brand. Therefore, it was not only important to showcase their large selection of original and eye-catching sneakers but also continuing with the brand uniqueness and identity. The first Asian concept store named The Vault, is characterized as a golden treasury filled with boxes showcasing unique and valuable treasures. So, for the second store we thought that every treasure must be extracted from somewhere. Being the time for The Mine to go back its roots, it gives the visitor the experience of descending deep into the mines where these treasures are unearthed and produced. Deep in the bowels of the gold mine the customer can hunt and discover unique custom products the same way a miner would for precious gold and gems. Nested between the raw gold, the shafts, and the mine carts, the customer can shop and explore the unique selection embedded inside.

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Project: Jane Winestore //
Client: Expolicor //
Typology: Retail //
Location: Tarragona, Spain //
Completed: 2019 //

Since 1944 Jane Group has been one of the main liquor stores in Tarragona. In 1980 they settled on a large area of 700 m2 in the KM1187 between El Vendrell and Comarruga, a place that we had the pleasure to transform into a modern liquor store. The wide variety of beverages that are housed inside the store are precisely what was used to materialize the great main facade. The facade was also designed to generate a great visual impact in order to capture the attention of the passersby on the neighboring highway. The same visual impact is maintained and expressed at night through a programmable LED lighting system integrated with a chromatic game making Jane Winestore the beacon of the nights in Comarruga.
The perfect balance between polycarbonate, galvanized steel and retro-illuminated systems gives life to this beverage library that is distributed in four main areas:
The Exhibition and sale area of liquors: A parallel succession of metal shelves neutralizing the space and accentuating the product.
The KM1187: A tasting area that provides a different value to the proposal and offers freshly made products to customers.
The Mezzanine: Providing us with a new vision of the space in order to enjoy the warmth of the environment.
The large wooden bookcase: Specially designed to highlight products.

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Project: The 24K Machine - The Clockwork //
Client: 24 Kilates //
Typology: Retail //
Location: Bangkok, Thailand //
Completed: 2019 //

This is the most ambitious project of the brand. A four-story flagship store in one of Bangkok’s unequivocally trendy streets of Thonglor. Luxury, complexity and perfection are the key words of the brand we wanted to express through the building, conceived as a giant robotic mechanism not only from the outside but from the inside where it is also possible to explore and discover the detailed mechanisms that pop up outside. This helps hide products from customer’s view for a while, which invites them to discover products. A sequence of unique spaces that guide the clients and allow them to discover the variety of limited-edition sneakers and clothes that the company sells. Like Swiss clockwork, the 24K machine wraps the visitor within a highly detailed example of exclusivity, in which every square centimeter is designed and thought through in relation to the specific needs of each space. All this confers further magic and uniqueness to the items exhibited. The big round transparent screen on the facade breaks the context showing the content of the brand. While in the ground floor walls are covered by hundreds of metal pieces showcasing sneakers with a DJ performing live, the rest of the building focuses on show casing clothes and other exhibitions. The brand describes its new space as “not just a common clothing shop, but also a place where clothes are carefully selected and presented as precious art pieces.”

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