Designed by: Maxim Kashin Architects
For client: Exhibition ArchMoscow 2019 Floor area: 16.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
Submitted for: Trade-Fair Stand of the Year

© Dmitry Chebanenko

About the Project

The main idea of the pavilion is to immerse the visitor into the world of the abstract objectless space essential to the ideas of Suprematism. To show the superiority of colour over the form and the pure geometry of space, free from the functional and semantic load. I use the ideas of Suprematism in my works to research whether space may be abstract and provide the visitor with a new experience that is free from form and function.
Suprem means dominance and superiority in Latin, that is a perfect word to describe the supremacy of colour over the form and space, that is used by every human to limit himself or herself. Creating the concept of the interior design I used this theory as the main idea to create space where one may feel himself or herself free, I also wanted to design space that influences on the perception of regular forms.
The pavilion is monochromatic has purple gradient background, where dark purple fades slowly into light purple thus creating a three-dimensional perception of the space. I decided to work with only one colour to strengthen the perception of abstract space and focus visitor’s attention on it only. Geometrical shapes that are used in pavilion are mainly triangles and rectangles and are placed on different levels to create a volume of the pavilion, emphasise the effect of colour gradient and let the visitors interact with space - sit and walk around. The floor is a mirrored surface to enlarge the space.

What’s unique about it

I believe that there is artistic merit in this project because the work itself is research on how the ideas of Suprematism and domination of colour, in particular, may be applied in modern architecture and visitor experience.Space is functional because it provides the visitor with an unusual experience of immersing in the objectless space, one may interact with the pavilion. The use of materials is innovative because it is indirect and complicated, while its main aim to achieve artistic goals: the blue-pink vinyl film was attached to the mirrored plastic sheet to create both a reflection and purple gradient with the white light overhead.

© Dmitry Chebanenko
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© Dmitry Chebanenko
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© Dmitry Chebanenko

Location of project:
Maxim Kashin Architects

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