Ottoman's Coffee Brewer

Designed by: AlvinT
For client: Harison Chandra Floor area: 130.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
Submitted for: Best Use of Colour

Alvin T Studio  Ottomans Sopo Del  5
© Sefval Mogalana

The Blue Seating Area was designed to visually give the customer a different dining experience

About the Project

Within a quickly saturated market in Jakarta, we felt that we needed to create a bold statement. We acquired freedom in this project in order to create a new identity that is inclusive; a space that blurs the boundaries between private dining space and a public space youthful that allows social interaction. This was something fresh and novel as most F&B spaces promotes a more individualistic use of space. “Something that we need in Jakarta”.

The use of colors was a respond towards the restrictive budget.
The solid colors combined with bespoke furniture created the character of the space. A large pale pink amphitheater was designed to create a visual interaction from the public and social interaction between strangers. The amphitheater was accompanied by side tables with trays for bags and pedestals to stage your drinks and food in a monochromatic playful manner.

The mint green coffee bar is accessible for baristas to work and interact with the customers. Accompanied by a blue open-plan dining the open plan space evokes the feeling of inclusive, casual and rather “exhibitional”.

What’s unique about it

We believe that good design should answer the client’s problems. We strategically designed the interior, furniture as well as a communication strategy for social media in an integrated manner. This created a strong brand for Ottoman’s Coffee, putting them at the front of Jakarta’s growing coffee scene.

Spatial experience is as important as the product sold at any F&B outlet nowadays. Given the tight budget from the client, we needed to be careful in using materials and finishes that can maximize the unique dining experience which we execute through color blocking a section of the space; and to design furniture using the same color to create a strong visual statement. This was executed through a minimalistic aesthetic by using paint and cost-efficient material for the interior finishes and garnished with bespoke furniture and lighting fixtures. The color blocking-pink amphitheater, now has been strongly associated with Ottoman’s Coffee brand despite being copied quite literally by several other brands locally.
It has created long lasting impression to the customers and became a strong marketing tools for the brand through photos that have been shared widely on social media. Ultimately making the most cost-effective project considered from an investment vs brand awareness wise.

Alvin T Studio  Ottomans Sopo Del  1
© Sefval Mogalana

Using the color blocking idea, The Pink Amphitheater was designed not just to encourage social interaction but to let the customer express their personalities.

Alvin T Studio  Ottomans Sopo Del  6
© Sefval Mogalana

The Green Bar was designed at the corner to give an accessible way and experience for the customer to feel the exclusivity on how the coffee is made.

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