Arpino Office Headquarters Angola

Designed by: Carlos Pereira
For client: Arpino Design Floor area: 329.34 M² Year of completion: 2019
Submitted for: Small Office of the Year

Arpino Office Luanda 4
© Paulo Carvalho

Meeting room - multimedia gallery showing various projects promoted by the brand. Designed for in-house and client meetings, it features a modular green solid wood table, aluminium chairs, an acrylic hanging lamp and a recycled plastic sideboard, all designed specifically for this space.

About the Project

The Office entrance, a protruding box embedded in the existing building, highlights the new intervention, an aluminium tunnel and a micro gallery space in which models, concepts and products are exhibited, isolated from their natural context and thus evidenced in an act of dissection and contemplation.

On this ground floor is also the reception area, with furniture made from an open reticular structure, filled with recycled PET tiles that can be changed at any time depending on the intended function.

On access to the first floor, we are welcomed by a lighted modular structure, a bookcase and lamp, which determines and illuminates the social area, a space lined with recycled tiles, a kitchen and library, a meeting place for staff and visitors, a perfect place to pause, to seek inspiration or to have an informal meeting.

The main workspace is flanked both by the meeting room and printing room, this open space is defined by the suspended lighting and the perforated cubes, distributed in mirrored positions. This perforation will allow some privacy, light filtering, and sound absorption, at the same time, will also allow a constant customization of the workspace. Employees are encouraged to develop solutions, from plant supports to lamps, which will be produced on our 3D printer and inserted into this perforation.

What’s unique about it

Arpino's new office and corporate headquarters project was a great challenge for the brand, not only in demonstrating the capability of its in-house design team, but mainly in demonstrating the responsiveness of the production platform that have installed in Angola, especially our carpentry, a space that is adjacent to this new space.
These concerns with domestic and local production were crucial to the project's development and end result.
It has even lead to in the implementation of a new production facility - a recycle tile workshop - and a local juice and water bottle collecting system, which allows anyone to receive compensation per kilo of PET delivered. In addition to this direct contribution to the informal and local economy, we also included local artisans in the project and trained new ones.
At the same time, this project served as an experimental laboratory for the brand, in which several concepts were tested, concepts of mutability, modularity and mobility, as well as different typologies for workspaces.
Except the office chairs, all furniture and equipment has been developed by the design team, and this exploration will allow to design new Arpino product ranges.

Arpino Office Luanda 2
© Paulo Carvalho

Building - renovation of an existing industrial building. This two-storey building, has on the ground floor the main entrance and product gallery, a reception and waiting area, toilets and access to the upper floor. On the first floor, a social area, with kitchen and library, toilets, meeting and printing room and the main working. An outdoor area is also accessible by this open space, a place for. An outdoor area is also accessible from this floor, a space for relaxation and informal meeting, in which Arpino's OXS line pergola is exhibited.

Arpino Office Luanda 10
© Paulo Carvalho

Entrance and Reception Area-Product Gallery, enhancing new concepts, prototypes and finished products. The building entrance is made through a protruding box embedded in the existing building, in order to highlight the new intervention. An aluminium tunnel, a micro exhibition space, in which models, concepts and brand products are exhibited, isolated from their natural context and thus evidenced in an act of dissection and contemplation. The reception furniture is an open reticular structure, filled with recycled tiles that can be changed at any time depending on the intended function or its user.

Arpino Office Luanda 9
© Paulo Carvalho

Library and Kitchen – social area, gathering staff for breakfasts, lunches and evening drinks. This social area provides workers and visitors with an exciting experience through colour and innovation. The walls are covered with more than 5.000 handcrafted tiles made out of wasted plastic bottles, collected out of the streets of Angola and produced in-house by Arpino. Illuminated by a modular LED Bookcase, the fluorescent colour from the plastic tiles gets alive and its turn out to be a perfect place for gathering, have a break and search for inspiration.

Arpino Office Luanda 5
© Paulo Carvalho

Bathrooms - sleek and high functionality Built from scratch, with handmade recycled plastic washbasin, honeycomb panel doors, aluminium and mirror surfaces that house all the functional equipment, this bathroom offers a unique user experience of light beams and metallic and fluorescent tones.

Arpino Office Luanda 7
© Paulo Carvalho

Open space - focused on a variable degree of co-working experience and privacy. Space is defined by the design of the suspended lighting and the four perforated cubes distributed in mirrored positions.

Arpino Office Luanda
© Paulo Carvalho

Informal Workstation - Informal meeting room and group workspace. This informal workstation is perfect for informal meetings, brainstorming and even short breaks at work. It is ready to work with laptops or tablets as it has portable desks and power points. The versatile, multifunctional centrepiece has different storage compartments - for fruits, books, water bottles, speakers and even plants- its lids also allow different uses, from charging mobile phones via induction technology to simple trays.

Arpino Office Luanda 8
© Paulo Carvalho

Workstations / Pods - Better Work Experience The different business, finance and development departments are distributed across the 3 workstations. This perforation will allow light filtering and sound absorption, but also a constant customization of the workspace, collaborators are encouraged to develop solutions from plant supports to lighting, which will be produced in 3D printing and them inserted into this perforation.

Arpino Office Luanda 3
© Paulo Carvalho

Circulation areas – industrial visual experience The circulation areas are distributed by main corridors that connect all the workspace to remain areas and outdoor terrace. With a concrete raw floor contrasting with the metallic pods and the black from the ceilings, the experience ends with an eleven meter extension window to the carpentry where the designed products are produced in real time.

Arpino Office Luanda 6
© Paulo Carvalho

Printing Room – prototyping, mock-up area and paper and 3D printing Due to the process of product development, making prototypes is mandatory. This room allows collaborators to test and create more accurate products. Equipped with ultimate technology, it fosters creativity and innovation.

A quick overview of Arpino's office in Angola.

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