Perfect Darkness

Designed by: Elisa Ossino Studio
For client: H+O Floor area: 150.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
Submitted for: Exhibition of the Year

Perfect Darkness 11
© Ph. Giorgio Possenti

Intrados covered with tiles. The acoustic speaker painted in the same color of the wall camouflages in the space. Iconic furniture and ceramic art pieces.

About the Project

During Milan Design Week 2019, Elisa Ossino and Josephine Akvama Hoffmeyer revealed an apartment installation in the heart of Brera to present their new collection of tiles H+O launching the exhibition "Perfect darkness". A new concept of home where tiles take centre stage of the project. Besides covering walls and floors, tiles are featured in each room serving as structural and architectonic elements. The apartment informally condenses the function of both residence and gallery, a place where is possible to host meetings, share ideas but also enjoy moments of conviviality.
The installation brings together a selection of furniture, objects and art pieces by international award-winning design studios that share a passion for creativity and innovation.
Elisa Ossino Studio designed the interiors of the apartment. The quintessential features of the project are both tiles, featured in every room of the space, and the use of geometric patterns that runs through the rooms with variations created by the use of different formats. Bespoke furniture with integrated tiles has been created and add character to the space.
The choice of colors, in collaboration with File Under Pop, emphasizes the vibration of light highlighting the sequence of environments in a continuous transition from darker to brighter spaces. All rooms, characterized by the presence of patterns, colours, lights and sounds, are conceived as individual installations in a process of spatial abstraction.

What’s unique about it

The idea behind the project was to create a home, a 'family feeling' where shared values connect, bringing innovation with the introduction of a new concept: the use of tiles at the centre of the project as an element of connotation of all the environments. The idea behind it was to rediscover the tile, mainly intended for bathrooms and kitchens, transforming it into a key element while designing the interiors.
An innovative concept of apartment gallery where the use of surfaces and textures surprises the visitor with unexcpected combinations.
Custom furnitures were designed integrating tiles as structural elements, creating surprising elements and hidden storages in each room: a wardrobe in the entrance hall, a fireplace in the living room, an asymmetrical cabinet with galvanic iron doors and tiles on the sides in the studio, a cylindric tiles kitchenware storage in the kitchen, a sunscreen in the bedroom.
The apartment is equipped with a domotic system that allows to manage lighting, climatisation and music from mobile devices.
All the space is conceived as a three-dimensional painting where the visitors can plunge in a multi sensorial experience.

Perfect Darkness 27
© Ph. Giorgio Possenti

The bathroom has been designed as an optical installation and completely covered with polka-dot tiles. In the picture, a detail of the shower designed in curved shape.

Perfect Darkness 17
© Ph. Giorgio Possenti

A contemporary tatami made of tiles was designed for the bedroom. On the left wall, white relief tiles. The niches have been designed creating an embossed frame and the back covered with tiles, the sunscreen using iron frame and bricks with holes. Tile

Perfect Darkness 23
© Ph. Giorgio Possenti

In the library, the walls of the room have been entirely covered with tiles. Iconic furnitures in contrast with contemporary ones.

Perfect Darkness 22
© Ph. Giorgio Possenti

The kitchen has been designed using tiles for the top and marble for the functional areas of cooking and washing. The shelf includes led lights and sliding doors painted in strong contrasting colors. Tiles and walls are painted in the same color.

Perfect Darkness 21
© Ph. Giorgio Possenti

A play of grid patterns has been created for the kitchen: on the floor by using two colors of the same tile, on the kitchen top by using red grout between tiles. A cylindric tile-covered kitcheware storage was designed as element of surprise.

Perfect Darkness 16
© Ph. Giorgio Possenti

Doors in sequence go through the rooms of the apartment. At the end of this optical telescope, a cylinder covered with hand painted tiles has been designed. Acoustic speaker painted in the same color of the wall.

Perfect Darkness 14
© Ph. Giorgio Possenti

In the studio, asymmetrical cabinet with galvanic iron doors and tiles on the sides. The round shape of the original terrazzo floor has been reproposed in the pattern of the tiles and in the custom handles of the cabinet. Tiles and walls are painted in t

Perfect Darkness 08
© Ph. Giorgio Possenti

Main wall of the living room covered with relief tiles and fireplace covered with handmade painted tiles. Tiles and walls are painted in the same color as well as the acoustic speaker. Ceramic artworks and iconic furniture pieces.

Perfect Darkness 04
© Ph. Giorgio Possenti

Entrance of the apartment; on the left a wardrobe realized with iron-framed bricks. Columns and boiserie covered with tiles, light wall managed by mobile devices.

Location of project:
Elisa Ossino Studio

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