Wrangler Icons Pop Up

Designed by: Wrangler
For client: www.wrangler.com Floor area: 70.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
Submitted for: Pop-Up Store of the Year

Exterior Shop
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Fly-postered exterior of the store - advertising the bands and artists playing every week.

About the Project

To celebrate the global launch of the Wrangler Icons collection, Wrangler built a pop-up store to host and sell 6 pieces of denim, revived from their archive and reissued for the modern consumer. The denim company famously worn by cowboys, rockstars and riders for the past 70 years, used music as the pinnacle expression for the campaign. As part of the SS19 launch, they wanted a full immersive experience in a real life environment, but positioned in the heart of London’s creative area. For 5 weeks Wrangler held a temporary space that worked as a multi-use brand area- part shop, part recording studio, part vintage store, part live stage - right in the middle of Soho.

What’s unique about it

Wrangler has been at the forefront of youth movement, but never more so than in its relationship with musicians. Whether it was Mick Jagger recording Exile on Main St in his Wrangler Icons shirt, or Debbie Harry in her Wrangler jacket at CBGBs - Wrangler has dressed the ICONS. So what better a way to celebrate the relationship, than with a fully immersive Pop-up store in the centre of Soho, London. But this was not a regular retail store, this was a 1970's New York, recording studio, ready for customers to tune in and drop out. Externally was designed to look like the infamous CBGBs in New York and inside was a 70m2 wood clad experience - ready for any passing band or artist to come by and perform. Supporting the visual experience of parquet flooring, silver records and neons hung on the walls, was a full live room set up, literally plugged in and ready to play. A hand-painted denim manifesto room explained the history of the brand and featured a 2 metre high constant hologram audio visual display. Product was displayed in wooden frames and a simple hanging system, but brought to life by a juxtaposing a 7m LED wall showing archive adverts from the 1970’s, alongside current imagery featuring those products. The changing room was designed with Jimmy Hendrix in mind, neon signs stating 'its a whole new rodeo' carpeted walls and deep shagpile carpets. By day a store & at night time a live venue, right in the middle of Soho - including one crazy Boiler Room!

External London Pop Up
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Exterior shot of the Wrangler Pop Up. Inspiration came from CBGBs in NYC, the aged canopy and fly posters of the bands that were performing at the store that week and the Persian rug steps, playing homage to the rugs that were put under drum kits.

Interior Pop Up Beer Mats
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Small details including half-used whiskey bottles, 70's ashtrays, vintage Wrangler beer matts and customised Wrangler guitar plectrums.

Brand Room
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Brand manifesto room. Hand painted images support the history of the product. Centrepiece is stacks of old amplifiers with a constant hologram and soundscape, showcasing the brand and its rich varied history.

Interior Icons Store
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7m long LED wall, integrated into the wood panelling, showcasing retro Wrangler TV commercials alongside the new product launch.

Interior Pop Up
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Interior shot, note the 70's stone cladding, sliding doors, repurposed wood flooring and wooden walls. All amps and instruments were plugged in and ready to play.

The Wrap up video giving a visual overview of what was achieved in the 5 week pop up.

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