House of Innovation In-store Installations

Designed by: Coordination Asia
For client: NIKE SPORTS (CHINA) CO., Ltd Floor area: 1500.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
Submitted for: Pop-Up Store of the Year

Public Score
3.68 Function
4.20 Innovation
4.12 Creativity
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Lab-like Immersive Environment : Acrylic, plastic, steel machinery parts and exposed tubings are selected to formulate an immersive lab-like environment that matches the overarching narrative of the space.

About the Project

Regularly changing in-store installations unveiled the outstanding retail concept at Nike’s “House of Innovation”, an experimental and experience-driven flagship store with two locations worldwide: New York and Shanghai opened end 2018. The curated shopping experience offers consumers a peek behind the curtain of Nike’s biggest innovation moments and creative journeys, from research to production. Thematic immersive experiences are created for three collections between 2018 and 2019, revealing distinctive stories of innovation and presenting the products more than meets of the eye.

Unlike many retail stores that simply construct a stage for the show of products, what’s presented at House of Innovation is a series of immersive experiences carefully curated to tell the story of innovation and design. The technical details and technology behind the creation of each product are transformed into story-telling installations that not only allows consumers understand the products from another perspective and through interaction but also engage them in the creative process. What sets House of Innovation apart is that the theme changes every few weeks along with featured collections and the entire space changes overnight accordingly. Each ‘make-over’ is a new iteration of the core concept rendered into enthralling lab-like environment. By including the backstage and design in the making, the thematic installations at HOI has created a new outlook for retail experiences.

What’s unique about it

In recent years, a rising trend indicates the blurring boundaries between branded spaces and museums in China. Brands invest more than ever in creating story-telling physical environment that is no longer transaction-driven, but story-driven. Consumers are no longer satisfied with glamorous displays; instead, they are eager for more narrative in the shopping experiences. The thematic installations created for each featured collection are not only visually impactful, they also tells stories about the innovation process, athletes’ pursuit of excellence and most importantly, the brand’s core belief. The continuous changing thematic installations at House of Innovation has successfully presented unique curated narrative environments and reshaped retail experiences.

Air19 B 06

Interactive Installation “Compression”: The “sense of air” is materialised through an button-triggered installation, demonstrating robotic arms pressing a ballon and the featured product.

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Bubble Display: Mannequin display is placed in an inflated translucent bubble that is squeezed inside the aluminium frame, following the overall narrative of the space - sensing air.

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Visual Display of Street-sourced Sounds: The sound waves collected from the city are printed on a roll of technical drawing paper as the visual representation of the sounds of the city.

Fal A 13

Visual Representation of Focus: The speaker installation guides visitors' attention to the featured footwear with dramatic shapes and alignments, materialising athlete's focused state of mind despite the noise in the background.

Fal A 1

Engage Installation : The engage installation is a sculptural work comprising 120 speakers channels street-sourced sounds, visualising the sounds of the city as the main theme of the space.

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Interactive Installations: Four showcases demonstrate enhanced performance of the footwear through pushbutton-triggered interactive installations, such as releasing steam to show lightweight and activate fans to float fabrics in order to show breathabilit

Fp19 Collage 1

Digital Ticker LED Light Installation: The digital tickers start counting down and as it finally reaches 0, the word “ZOOM” is revealed to highlight the featured collection, displayed on the holders made of digital tickers at the centre.

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Immersive Environment: The enthralling florescent green lights, matching the colours of featured footwear collection, constantly flashes numbers, immersing customers in a world of speed.

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Engage Installation: Striking thematic installations that change every few weeks, tell a compelling visual story of the concept of House of Innovation, through lab-like environments and the innovation behind the creation of the products.

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