Sibling Espresso Bar

Designed by: Travis Walton Architecture
For client: 8 Degree Projects Floor area: 45.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Bar of the Year

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About the Project

Sibling is an ambassador to Bali's tourist scene, seeking to break ground for Seminyak's inevitable evolution from beachside Bali to luxury resort town and to infuse a love for fine coffee that has become a mark of great destinations the world over. By putting the focus of the experience on connecting the consumer to the artisan barista, Sibiling sets a high standard worthy of any international destination.

The stand-up espresso bar allows interaction with the outside environment through an unobstructed window connecting patrons, the local climate and people. The interior space was conceived as a single concrete element integrating the espresso bar through the shopfront to a small urban concrete courtyard. The Brutalist-inspired forms are softened by perforated natural oak panelling abutting the walls and ceiling all of which are illuminated by warm lighting from within.

In response to the harsh sun conditions we seized the opportunity to play with light and shadow in the external overhead canopy which casts Siblings’ branded graphic motif throughout the entire courtyard. The result is an immersive experience of branding as much as it is of coffee, where the patron’s experience of the space is dependent on the time of day.

What’s unique about it

Working with precision finishes of in situ poured concrete with laser cut steel accents and large steel framed windows brings quality to the project that enhances the local environment, showcasing excellence in local craftsmanship.

Sibling shines in its details, with minimalist design features expertly curated to strike balance between light and dark, inside and out, organic and inorganic materials, allowing the coffee and culture to take central stage.

Sibling brings Australia’s leading influential design sensibilities to Seminyak’s growing luxury travel market, allowing discerning voyagers a haven for their daily ritual that doesn't seek to commercialise or adulterate the product. Instead, Sibling blends elegance and ease, honouring the nonpareil finesse of Australian coffee culture.

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