NK Sport

Designed by: Guise & Creative Direction by Unestablished
For client: North Retail / Marc Nylander Floor area: 1600.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
Submitted for: Multi-Brand Store of the Year

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© Erik Undéhn

About the Project

When you have the ambition to create a retail space for the future, you need to question why it should exist in the first place. For us, that reason is to give people an experience that goes beyond the products they buy. Boring retail is heading for extinction, inspiring spaces showing extraordinary things are very much alive. Our ambition was to give Stockholms just that.

We were to design a stage fitting for brands from the entire spectrum of high-end athletic apparel. From industry leaders like Nike and Arc’teryx, to universally lauded Swedish brands Fjällräven and Klättermusen, as well as cutting-edge imprints such as Snow Peak from Japan and Black Yak from South Korea. With these products in mind, we wanted to fuse the raw essence of nature with high-tech.

NK Sport is furnished with sharp aluminum tables, hammer painted steel pipes, pigmented glass, and accents of soft colored translucent silicone objects. A mélange creating a feeling of having stepped into a spatial collage of modernist utopias, and bare mountain landscapes. A main design feature is the bush hammered furniture, an intentional wink to Hans Asplund, who coined the international term new brutalism.

NK Sport’s locale design is site specific both regarding historic narrative and physical properties, being situated between a jugend structure, and Swedish architect Hans Asplund’s brutalist addition from the 50’s. The latter now publicly revealed for the first time through our renaturation strategy.

What’s unique about it

The future of retail is not online alone, it also belongs to spaces that manage to engage and inspire. People who want to buy a pair of cheap socks compare prices online, people who want to be intellectually and visually amazed visits a physical space. In this scenario designers would need to consider traditional spatial means of designing public squares, museums or other types of spaces that engages and inspires people. A space that builds loyalty, trust and a offers a reason to always come back.

With this mindset we designed a people centered strategy, rather than a product centered space. We included plenty of social areas for people to interact, areas to sit down and rest and a stage for temporary exhibitions. Soft drinks are free, if you donate an amount to a climate related cause. In our ambitions to fuse the raw essence of nature with high-tech we used different productions techniques. Some furniture objects were produced with machines according to measurable exactness, other made by hand, such as the bush hammered furniture.

If one believes there is a future for physical space, we believe we have introduced one relevant future for physical retail. A space where interior design stands for good values and trust. A space celebrating the human endeavors behind the displayed objects. The ambition to climb a mountain, the pursuit of an adventure or the to go the extra mile when designing a retail space.

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© Erik Undéhn
© Guise
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Work In Progress 2
© Erik Undéhn

Bush hammered prototype in gypsum

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