The Home for a Brand New Start

Designed by: Ming Leung
For client: Linfang, Yu Floor area: 123.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
Submitted for: Large Apartment of the Year


The meaning of the egg shape installation is that if we break it from the outside it is the end of life. However, it will be the beginning of life by opening it from inside. We hope this will not be just a house, but also a harbor for Poetry and the dist

About the Project

This is a non-profit transformation project, which helps a mother and her daughter from a single parent family to reconstruct their life logic and create a home with more possibilities according to their career and interests. With simple and elegant material, the detail design that fills vitality, subversive space layout resets, create the life space of quality more for good hostess, creating the illicit close space that has compound function for the daughter who loves drawing, lead her to grow adequately.

What’s unique about it

The designers rearranged the layout of the house to help single mother and daughter reconstitute the logic of life. Giving hostess a more qualitative life space, give the child the secret garden that has fun. Every child is having infinite possibility, we should create a space that has more possibility for them.

We do not create the transitory art, but with as little decoration restraint to release the charm of space. We use professional design concept to solve nonprofessional personage to decorate the perplexity in the design about the family. Caring for the mother and daughter of their present and future life, the use of every inch of the humble corner of the home, brewing huge life energy.


We can imagine getting up in the morning and enjoying breakfast in this huge space. It is also a michelin-starred kitchen where friends are invited to hold a party.


The Sitting room use open push-pull doors and windows, it is also a yoga room. The master bedroom is connected to the living room through a sliding door, which forms a separate apartment. In the evening, incredible scenes are staged. the golden rays of


The house has excellent orientation and the light changes from hour to hour during the day. I wanted to make good use of this natural advantage by making large French windows in each space.


Children's privacy is very important in the family. The good news is that we have a room private enough to create a secret garden for our children to grow up in.


We are living in a prosperous city, where the pace of work, life and study is very fast. When we return home after a whole day of fatigue, only home can give us a warm, comfortable and relaxing space that we long for.


What is interesting about this house is that each area has a wealth of complex functions. The introduction is plant wall, a hanging garden, lso a boudoir bed bar and the Garden restaurant.


When we think about what paint to use, we try to take inspiration from elements in sunset colors. We chose smoky gray with its precipitation and tranquility, and combined with simple and elegant materials to make the relationship between house, city

PONE Architecture

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