Samsung Galaxy Showcase, Gangwon-do

Designed by: 2x4
For client: Samsung Floor area: 3000.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Pop-Up Store of the Year

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About the Project

For the 2018 Olympic Winter games in their home country of South Korea, 2x4 partnered with Samsung to create a 3,000m2 temporary brand pavilion. Positioned as a pioneer’s playground, the space was designed to engage visitors in a creative, exploratory relationship with mobile technology as well as introduce Undergird, Samsung’s newest product development in their legendary pursuit of innovation.

As lead design team, our work spanned strategy, architecture, environmental design, exhibition, and interactive components. The pavilion was developed as a prototype to cultivate a forward-thinking, comprehensive brand experience for Samsung Mobile worldwide.

The Showcase articulated the company's legacy through hands-on product displays, public programming, and amenities as well as new screen-based experiences in VR, camera and social media. The showcase also included Unbox Samsung, an illuminated living archive that highlighted Samsung’s 40-year history of mobile innovation, design and craftsmanship. Product displays, an open auditorium, and a café provided a central hub to connect and explore the Galaxy 8 products and contemporary programming around emergent creative culture. A field of glowing architectural follies house interactive experiences, from virtual-reality winter sport simulations to 4D camera activities.

What’s unique about it

The Showcase concept, as developed and executed by 2x4, highlighted Samsung’s breadth of technological innovation and its legacy of forward-thinking design. Offering multiple paths of discovery, the exhibition invited visitors to explore and interact and offered new possibilities at the intersection of life and technology.

A transparent facade extended this field of play through the building’s exterior, encouraging passers-by to investigate. The open plan, mixing unique, high-tech follies with Samsung Mobile product displays and areas to mingle. The pavilion was planned with discrete experiences throughout, including virtual reality features, amenities, and product display areas. The design system for wayfinding and iconography also weaved the Showcase into the larger context of the 2018 Winter Games by merging the existing graphic systems of both Samsung and the Games into a new, hybrid visual identity.

The Samsung Galaxy Showcase pursues a truly integrated approach to design, incorporating all aspects of the space — architecture, naming, signing, wayfinding, environmental graphics, materials, patterns, digital interventions, and content — within our overarching concept.

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Design Wall

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Unbox entrance

Location of project:

Midnight Commercial


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