Roman Klis Design – Office Herrenberg

Designed by: Ippolito Fleitz Group – Identity Architects
For client: Roman Klis Design GmbH Floor area: 1988.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
Submitted for: Small Office of the Year

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About the Project

Each of the three floors is divided into two separate units. In the course of the conversion, we not only optically connected the areas separated from each other by opaque fire doors with larger glass doors: In the transition between the two areas, a communicative zone (lounge) was placed in front of the stairwell core as a link. Our main concern was to create numerous meeting areas within the entire office space - special places that attract and where employees enjoy sitting together with colleagues and customers. The special locations of this kind include the "Winter Garden Meeting Point" and the "Sunset Café", a modern mix of oversized kitchen table, meeting and event room for internal and external occasions.

One of Roman Klis Design's key points was always the indoor air, which was too hot and much too dry, especially during summertime. Since we were not allowed to replace the existing heating and cooling ceiling, we decided to green the entire office area. The the new ventilation system and the lush vegetation, significantly improve the indoor climate.

Our material and color concept and the wall decoration take up the idea of the tropical Island in many places: sand and water colors are predominant. In addition to the numerous plants, we have provided the dreary electric blanket, which we were not allowed to change, with vertically suspended slats. In combination with the ceiling lamps, these provide a lighting atmosphere reminiscent of lagoons and the sea. The longing picture "The Maldives of Design" is thus transported across the ceilings over three floors.

What’s unique about it

Young professionals are more likely to be attracted to the cities. Roman Klis Design, an agency for brand consulting and packaging design, located in Herrenberg near Stuttgart, knows what is important to employees today: workspaces to feel good in - tangible places to identify with. Porsche Consulting and Ippolito Fleitz Group were commissioned to optimize processes and the working environment in order to best align the company for the future. With the redesign of the offices, we created a meeting place for creative and like-minded people, whose interior design deliberately plays with the longing image of the "island". The atmospheric rooms now also make working attractive for the best brand and design talents. And this is exactly what Roman Klis Design needs as a global player.

Roman Klis Design has grown strongly in recent years. At the company headquarters, the office space is now extended to an entire wing of the building. This opened up the opportunity for us, to rethink interior design. We were able to translate the idea of a design island ("The Maldives of Design"), in which all creative processes take place in the immediate vicinity, into a completely new working environment. We play the Maldives theme over three floors with lush vegetation and a tropical world of color, which as central design elements give the newly designed rooms their unmistakable identity. The use of over two thousands of plants creates an inspiring and iconographic working environment that also provides the best indoor climate.

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