Blue Heart

Designed by: Wutopia Lab
For client: Vanke Floor area: 345.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
Submitted for: Governmental Interior of the Year

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About the Project

In China, these residential districts are closed-off with very similar layouts and almost zero communal space, making it difficult to foster communities within them. In a bid to rectify the silo scenario at one of its xiao qus in Chengdu, Vanke commissioned Wutopia Lab to outsource shared space. It’s a prototype of public living room, contains several functions, including library, open kitchen, party space, kids’s study room, room for package and delivery. with a 15-minute walkability.

Wutopia Lab regards it as a buffer between home and the public world’ , where residents can hang out, relax and build relationships. The site has an irregular planar space and in order to keep the reproductivity of Youkong Living Room, we chose to place three rectangular box space into the site that the first one is service box, the second is social box, and the third is box for female. Three boxes create an inner city within the site and the residual becomes free space.

The Service Box is for package delivery; The Social Box works as a living room and reading space; The Female Box is kitchen and kid’s area. Each box is relatively independent and still connected in some way. We think the Female Box is the core of Youkong Living room since the majority group of residents in community is female and children, the Female Box can not only provide kitchen space, but also work as a party space for residents, which make it the Social Box an extension of Female Box.

What’s unique about it

China’s residential development, in particular the development within large cities, has matured at an impressive rate. The resulting communities are unfortunately often self-centered, meaning residents often remain to themselves. Lack of attention towards developing neighborhood centers and committees makes it difficult for residents to meaningfully interact with each another. People getting lonely these days, they even don’t know who live next door.

Through empirical research, we realized the needs of modern residents, including a space for entertaining guests, a space for work, the availability of quality produce, the presence of convenient dining options, a social atmosphere, a space for kids and a room for package and delivery. After we released the project, Blue heart, many real estate company reached us, as it’s a common issue that most residential district nned to face at.

We paid attention to the convenience of operation. By dividing the site into 3 boxes, we provide a possibility of renting the female box for private party, or just open the social box in mid-night. Within 15 minutes’ walk from neighbouring homes, you can check the timetable of activities and book inadvance in an app. Given the fact , the price of apartment is real high, it’s a cheap and easy way to get a better life.

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