Designed by: mintwow
For client: Miscube Floor area: 40.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Best Use of Material

Mintwow Mistea 1
© Yang Min

A psychedelic micro-forest. It creates a “psychedelic sky” of “small forests” by revealing and reflecting different color variation in a wrinkled manner.

About the Project

When we first visited the site, we recognized this wide tree that about a quarter of the width of the store front. The footway is so narrow that it is stretched to pass two people simultaneously. To deal with this tree of surprise and joy, we take it to be a part of our design,as a real tree in our psychedelic micro-forest.
Then we extend the patio and plant a small forest to be friends with the big fellow at front. we introduced pedestrians by designing the free flowing space, and followed with a "psychedelic sky" ceiling that was inspired by the name of the store "mistea".

The "Little Forest" is made of seven transparent acrylic columns filled with fragments of green glass bottles, standing between the floor and the ceiling just like a tree trunk. During the night, the light passes through unevenly stacked pieces of glass, glowing the green light with rich layers. "Psychedelic" came from the mirror wall of the "small forest" infinite reflection. Located on both sides of the "small forest", it is a mirror wall that opens the door to different world. The lights of the small forest hit the fragments of the green glass bottle, giving off a faint green. With the mixture of lights, all reflection brings people to the realm of "psychedelic". It is a micro-nature in Shanghai, a tea shop full of psychedelic/dreamlike feeling and softness. In a faraway place, you can see this piece full of dreams, the little forest is waving to you.

What’s unique about it

Create a interesting way to mix-use traditional materials and new materials. Cullet of beer bottle、mirror、perforated aluminum panels 、colorful film,it seems like they have no relevance,but all of them contribute to a psychedelic micro-forest.

Mintwow Mistea 2
© Yang Min

People living around here is looking at Mistea.

Mintwow Mistea 10
© Yang Min

Or it can be a magic wand made by wood for giants.

Mintwow Mistea 9
© Yang Min

Here may becomes bule sea during a cloudy day.

Mintwow Mistea 8
© Yang Min

Night is coming. It's time to take a cup of unexpected drink in Mistea.

Mintwow Mistea 4
© Yang Min

"1/4" real tree will not know itself touches off a special idea.

Mintwow Mistea 6
© Yang Min

Mirror reflected the scenery of real street.

Mintwow Mistea 3
© Yang Min

"Green". The lights of the small forest hit the fragments of the green glass bottle, giving off a faint green.

Mintwow Mistea 7
© Yang Min

At the end, we see the beginning.

Mintwow Mistea 5
© Yang Min

smooth VS unsmooth,a new feeling was borned in this battle.

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