L'Oréal booth at VIVATECH 2019

Designed by: A.D.R
For client: L'Oréal Floor area: 300.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
Submitted for: Trade-Fair Stand of the Year

Back Of The Booth
© A.D.R

Back of the booth.

About the Project

We designed the concept of LIMITLESS BEAUTY for L'Oréal, showcasing how technology offers an unlimited number of possibilities to the beauty industry, and creates a paradigm shift. Our design was divided in 4 main circular buckets showcasing L'Oréal innovations : Limitless / Creativity, Tech, Agility & Personalization.

1. Limitless Creativity : dedicated to an innovation called DEEP VISION. Guests were immerged in a futuristic benchmark tool allowing to compare millions of inputs on Social networks, on curved screens.

2. Limitless Tech : A booth made of polycarbonate with neons for the outside. The inside was designed with ceramics as a clinic where people could test their skin with apps.

3. Limitless Agility : A retail installation where guests were surrounded by 3D printed packages.

4. Limitless Personalization : We showcased robotic and with a screen moving around different pictures and showing how it works in the fabric.

The center of the booth was an agora where people could connect together and allow the speakers to deliver a strong message to the visitors. A full LED screen was used for this area. We also designed a Mezzanine for meetings dedicated to top VIP's.

The main design item was 4 giant heads, all made of resin. People could enter inside and test a "voice" innovation where you can directly speak and order through a non virtual BOT. The design of these heads was a morphing of three different L'Oréal spokespersons mixed together.

What’s unique about it

We believe that we achieved the combination of SCIENCE meeting TECHNOLOGY in a DESIGNED focus approach with a touch of ART installation with our giant heads. The goal was to be visible from everywhere during the fair, with a very different approach compared to the other booths. We tried to mix a retail approach, with a bold color universe where Red color was strong and in contrast with the white global tone. It needed to look like a "beauty industry" booth, but with a very technological and arty approach in the design.

We also did manage the presentation of 10 innovation in a limited space. The fluidity was very important and this is why we made the choice of these 4 circular pods. With a central agora that everyone could see. We really tried to make this booth, the meeting point of Technology and Art. All the pods were ideated as art installations but also very functional to allow the message to be understood by the visitors.

We innovated with the construction of these giant heads in resin, crafted by a concept car company. First, we did a 3D design with a video game studio that mixed three faces in one. We really ideated a tailor made design according to each of the innovations that were showcased. We also did all the artistic direction with the selection of the colors, typography, iconography, templates etc. This is one of the most complete work we did, from the concept of LIMITLESS BEAUTY to the last details of the booth on site.

© A.D.R

Main entrance of the booth where you can see the stage and the first two pods dedicated to the innovations.

Shade Finder
© A.D.R

Shade Finder by Lancome. We showcased the different shades with a retail approach. In the middle the product was exposed. Inside you can see the different shades through the picture of different models.

Hair Virtual Advisor 2
© A.D.R

Focus on the giant heads.

Limitless Agility
© A.D.R

Limitless Agility, second picture. With the 3D printer in RED, and the final pack in the middle. Retail x Art installation, combined with science.

Limitless Agility 2

Inside Limitless Agility. Showcasing packages printed in 3D printers. It shows the step. How it looks like when it's printed at 25%, 50% and at the end.

Limitless Personalization
© A.D.R

Limitless Personalization. We showcased a robotic arm with a screen at the end. White faces were displayed and when the screen stop in front, it starts a video about how robotics helps to make the delivery of a customized product even more quick.

Main Stage

Main stage made of glossy red. With a LED screen and tailor made bench white with a glossy red stripe. Above, you can see the mezzanine we created for the top VIP meetings.

Limitless Tech
© A.D.R

Limitless Tech, designed as a laboratory. Polycarbonate outside. And ceramic inside. Including iPads inlaid in mirror + light. People could test an app to check their skins and have a result of what product they should use. In the middle, a counter person

Hair Virtual Advisor
© A.D.R

Hair Virtual Advisor. We designed these giant heads from A to Z. First by mixing three faces to re-create a new face (mixing asian, african and european women). And in the production because we had to work with a concept car company to produce it. All mad

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