Scholekster MontessoriSchool

Designed by: Heren 5 Architecten
For client: OOADA - Openbaar Onderwijs Aan De Amstel Floor area: 850.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
Submitted for: Learning Space of the Year

341 Scholekster Interieur 8
© Leonard Faustle

Study & meeting/lunch seats

About the Project

Combining original qualities with modern education

In the midst of an oasis of tranquil backyards of a typical Amsterdam building block, this beautiful 1920s educational building with originally overplus of storey height, spacious stairwells and generous corridors and classrooms has been transformed.

Previous renovations have resulted in a messy outcome of rooms and booths and difficult disclosure . We’ve brought back the original qualities and combine them with the wishes of modern Montessori education. This is mainly done by opening up the central part of the building again, which connects both wings of the building with a new design element centrally.

What’s unique about it

We’ve realized extra classrooms, arranged as a concentration place. And in the central entrance hall you will find large learning blocks that can act as a closet, stand, classroom, stage, silence place, talk place, for multifunctional use. These block also form the wall which is needed to separate the entrance hall, from the theater. These reading and play areas, with specially designed cupboard furniture that give multifunctional qualities to the extremely high spaces that the building offers, stimulate the development and learning objectives of the children.

Simple innovative use of for instance a hidden door in 1 of the boxes, can open the orange box to be fitted into the black box. And in the above cabinets (by children called the train-coupés) are the individual storage spaces, integrated in the big colourful wall.

341 Drs Kopie
© heren 5 architects

section of the central school with all 3 design elements

341 Bg Plattegrond Concept Kopie
© heren 5 architects

opening up the central space as theater. Above: old, below: new.

Exploded View Alle Verdiepingen Kopie
© heren 5 architects

All design elements on each floor

341 Scholekster Interieur 10
© Leonard Faustle

The 'Train-coupés' study seats, in a wall of storage boxes for each student

341 Scholekster Interieur 3 2
© Leonard Faustle

The boxes are the seating for theater & reading room

341 Scholekster Interieur 6 2
© Leonard Faustle

Learning/reading in a box upstairs, playing in the theater

341 Scholekster Interieur 7 2
© Leonard Faustle

Entrance Hall & learning boxes upstairs

341 Scholekster Interieur 4
© Leonard Faustle

The 4 boxes seen from the theater/playroom

The schools construction, explained by it's children :)

Location of project:
Heren 5 Architecten

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