A Landscape Poem---AX-Athlete Office

Designed by: P9 Architectural Design (Shanghai)
For client: AX-Athlete Shanghai Inc. Floor area: 180.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
Submitted for: Small Office of the Year

22081015 Noo 17 A Landscape Poem
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About the Project

This project is located at GREEN · BUND CENTER, the southernmost part of Luwan District, which is the iconic CBD of modern service industry. The entrance of the office is made of pieces of transparent glasses, which creates a dramatic sense of openness in the space. When people walk through the passageways, they can appreciate the layered design that makes the interior space look like a glittering artwork.

All façades are used acylic plates rather than partition walls to divide the space. When people are strolling indoors, lights illuminate the whole space through stacked acrylic plates with dazzling lighting effects. A separate private office is enclosed by laminated glass panels and stacked acylic plates, which is different from yet integrated with the exterior space. The whole space acts as a delicate artwork while satisfying all functional demands. No matter looking from the inside or the outside, the space presents an unspoken beauty, which fits the overall style and temperament of the interior space.

What’s unique about it

The designer considered the whole space as a piece of art to express a unique modern office with images of mountain, cloud and eave, etc. Having a preference for natural textured materials, the designer used the natural marble as the only background wall in the interior decoration. With the landscape-like natural texture and light and elegant tone, the background wall looks like a piece of ink and wash painting from a distance. A small tea room is hidden behind it, which makes the background wall enhance the texture of the space and enhances connections between the spaces and the functional use as well.

The acylic plates are processed specially by adding Chinese Xuan paper in it to enhance the soft texture, which seem to be the product of the coexistence and collision of traditional culture and modern materials. The designer hoped that those materials can connect spaces to convey more abundant humanistic meanings. The pure white office furniture is interlaced, large and small cobblestone-shaped fabric sofas are scattered and the flooring is paved with fine black tiles, all making the whole space seem a ink and wash painting. The whole space appears to be calm and warm, like an ethereal landscape poem, bringing freedom and comfort to the people in it.

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P9 Architectural Design (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Mr. Xiaorui Zhou

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