Folding Garden

Designed by: Towodesign
For client: Treessun Flooring Floor area: 190.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
Submitted for: Trade-Fair Stand of the Year

05 Purple Garden
© Towodesign

About the Project

TOWOdesign built “Folding Garden” as the exhibition hall for Treessun Flooring in 2019 DOMOTEX asia/CHINAFLOOR. Different from the traditional model that exhibits are detached from the exhibition hall, the main materials of the project are its exhibits.

An oblique plane divides the spatial structure into two blocks from top to bottom. Natural texture of wooden materials decides the enjoyable ambience, while purple is used as the main tone in the interior to echo the visual impression of the logo. The plane extends as a flight of steps, presenting a sense of ritual like hiking.

Different wooden sculptures spliced by triangular pyramids are arranged across the oblique plane, colors of which change from purple to wood color along the visiting circulation. The shapes of sculptures take cues from the Taihu stone, and the traditional Chinese garden layout is also utilized in the folding geometrical structure. Garden features are extracted into the set of the exhibition hall, such as bridge, rockery and window, etc., which reproduces the delight of visiting gardens.

Deriving from the physical perspective, the abstract folding relationship expresses a Chinese philosophy that human and object share the same feeling. On the vertical section, the purple interior space inside the wooden structure shows a new relationship that implies the combination and transformation of Yin and Yang in the same material language. The alternation of purple and wood color gives people more imagination.

What’s unique about it

The “Folding Garden” interprets the images of traditional Chinese garden through folding and superimposed spatial form and circulation in a modern way. The designers used wooded materials, which are also the exhibits, to create a brand new spatial experience, perfectly integrating the brand attribute and space temperament.

TOWOdesign added aesthetics of landscape garden design into the logic of commercial space and created two connected blocks through site analysis. The façade can function as geometrical sculpture, using the contrast of purple and wood color to emphasize the visual effects and maximize attraction.

The wooden oblique plane itself serves as a large visual symbol, demonstrating the nature of products and providing hiking experience by a continuous flight of steps. The purple-colored interior space extends the exhibition area and meanwhile expresses the company culture.

As the most simplified engineering structure, triangle is used as the main compositional element to build the whole space. Pyramid-shaped wooden installations are inspired by Taihu stone, which are not only flexible art works but also become highlights to remember.

The project combines architectural form and rational layout and integrates experience area, exhibition area and negotiation area, etc., achieving the symbiosis of functionality and perception through the folding visiting circulation.

01 Wooden Garden
© Towodesign
02 Wooden Garden
© Towodesign
03 Folding Space
© Towodesign
04  Purple Garden
© Towodesign
06 Connection Of Wooden Garden And Purple Garden
© Towodesign
07 Entering The Purple Garden Surrounding The Taihu Stone Shaped Wooden Sculpture Installation
© Towodesign
08 Wandering In Gaps Around The Stone Shaped Wooden Sculpture
© Towodesign
09 Wooden Sculpture Installation That Spans Across Two Spaces
© Towodesign
10 Stone Shaped Wooden Sculpture Breaches The Interface
© Towodesign

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