Nassau Club

Designed by: Update Studio
For client: Guoteng Investment Co., Ltd. Floor area: 810.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
Submitted for: Bar of the Year

Public Score
4.10 Function
3.80 Innovation
4.02 Creativity
05 Nassau Club
© Emma, Chen Changjiang


About the Project

This case is a bar design project. The head of the gate is made of varying lengths boards from the pirate ship in the shape of crisscross, forming a mottled texture under the projection of light and shadow.

Follow the lead of "full moon" to the interior of the club. The logo wall is the first thing in consumer's sight. The theme concept of "floating wine cup along the winding water" is everywhere, not only in the meandering ground of running water but also in the wall furnishings generated from the imitation of the stone curve, making people feel as if they are in landscape and stone forest.

The flowing water from the ground leads consumers to the bar counter area. The bar counter has adopted a large amount of different forms of Chinese window elements by using tiles as pedal, which is retro and fun. The cupboard of bar counter boldly choose the color of Chinese red to set off the atmosphere with and the green bar chair.

The wall design of club's scattered seats area comes from the "bamboo" in the picture of "floating wine cup along the winding water". We add the element of "the mountain" to make the space more dynamic.

Consumers can come to the relatively private booth area through a door hole of the deck area. Here extended the bamboo elements of scattered seats area and used the bamboo partition to block each booth, designing as the rolling landscape mode.

What’s unique about it

There are two parts of the interesting stair. The wall tile of the first stair used gray brick as its basic and spread the light-transparent glass bricks and the stone bricks of different textures on the wall randomly. When people enter the second stair, they would saw the neon light of NASSAU hanging over the ceiling. Meanwhile, the "Hemp Rope", which is pirate ship's rising rope tool, is blends around neon light to form an art installation that attracting people into this club.

In the picture of "floating wine cup along the winding water", there are many various shapes stone piers winding around the creek. We transformed these stone piers into tables and chairs in the space, descending layer by layer from top to bottom, and the elevation outline echoed the decoration on the wall.

In the board game area, we use the oldest board game in China, "Mahjong", as the main space element, and combine an exotic product, the board game, with Chinese culture. On the wall, there are some small metal round tube orderly arranged which is also another kind of language in presenting "bamboo" element in the space.

We use concise formal language to show phases of the moon from "full moon" to the gradually changing "waning moon". Each moon hangs on the deep and mysterious corridor, which not only connecting the whole space, but also implying the start and the circulation of the nightlife.

01 Nassau Club
© Emma, Chen Changjiang


02 Nassau Club
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03 Nassau Club
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Logo Wall

04 Nassau Club
© Emma, Chen Changjiang

Bar Area

06 Nassau Club
© Emma, Chen Changjiang

Scattered Seats Area

07 Nassau Club
© Emma, Chen Changjiang

The curve wall designation and bar table merge together tactfully.

08 Nassau Club
© Emma, Chen Changjiang

The water-like bamboo forest on the wall contrast with the original concrete of the building.

09 Nassau Club
© Emma, Chen Changjiang

Deck Area

10 Nassau Club
© Emma, Chen Changjiang

Corridor, different forms of moon separate in the corridor.

Update Studio

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