Designed by: Arnaud Lapierre
For client: ADP PARIS AIRPORT Floor area: 9.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
Submitted for: Best Use of Material

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Top view of the canopy of the airport

About the Project

Selected to represent the french creative field inside the paris airport. I have been commissioned to design a permanent art installation amongst the new Paris Orly Terminal 3, recently unveiled this year in april. This new terminal will host 9 billions of traveller each year. The purpose was to give to them a last glips of french art before the journey. The Artwork, Vertigo, prepare them to flight. From outside, the structure deconstruct the environment, when you get inside, you experience a new paradigm, you are cut off the terminal, abstracted like in a parenthesis, it is like you are floating for a short time.

Vertigo is a 9 meters hight mirror installation, composed of 150 different size cubes, placed in a certain order that create an ellipse, a kind of twist, that once you are inside, invite your to look up in the sky, and experience a sort of vertigo, like in apesanteur, the purpose of this permanent installation was to evoke a premise to the air travel.

The artwork is a cylinder made of a steel hidden deck, an aluminium structure that composed each cubes, and stainless steel mirror finish, exclusively polished for the occasion. The weight of the structure is 5 tonnes and 3 years of engineering was necessary to match the airport terminal constraints.

What’s unique about it

VERTIGO is not only an art sculpture, but an occasion to give to airport traveller a living experience to discover an aerial sensation. The installation makes sens with the airport context. From the client : it is a wish to give to the traveller a last moments off paris by betting on art, for me, as a designer it is a last moment to discover a moment of surprise and joy inside a retail environment and to finish or start a journey with a memorable vision : get an aerial and abstract sensation.

Vertigo is a massive piece that push the use of stainless steel mirror to its maximum as a plain matter. It appears light and curious, and this time, the mirror doesn't reflect any image, it creates something new, a new paradigm, a new density or material.

Arnaud Lapierre 2
Adp P 2019 37957 Gwen Le Bras
Arnaud Lapierre And French Prime Minsiter

Inside during french prime minister inauguration

Adp P 2019 37960 Gwen Le Bras

up view of the 9 meters installation

Adp P 2019 379908 Gwen Le Bras
Adp P 2019 37998 Gwen Le Bras
Adp P 2019 37999 Gwen Le Bras

the mirror installation

video regarding VERTIGO creation

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