Laufen at ISH

Designed by: Andreas Fuhrimann and Gabrielle Hächler
For client: Laufen Bathrooms Floor area: 855.00 M² Year of completion: 2019
Submitted for: Trade-Fair Stand of the Year

Laufen Ish2019 Booth 09
© Oliver Helbig

Front view of the Laufen booth at ISH 2019. At the top the industrial signature of Laufen, showing moulds from the production process in an artistic display with the finished glossy product below in front of shiny coloured walls, showing how Laufen is man

About the Project

The stand’s external appearance takes inspiration from the bathroom manufacturer’s production process: while the signs of wear outside on the second level suggest the history of this skilled trade, the bathroom product moulds on display have taken on the appearance of contemporary sculptures. The industrial look of the cement-bound chipboard panels is reminiscent of rough-cast concrete.

Three low entrances lead into a large central atrium. A tongue-in-cheek shower-toilet fountain takes pride of place here, bringing a pleasant coolness to the warm and busy atmosphere inside the atrium.

From the atrium, visitors could make out five further rooms with high-gloss surfaces showcasing the different products. These represented bathroom environments in an abstract way, bestowing an artistic dimension on the Laufen products on show.

Behind the shower toilet fountain, a staircase is leading up to the second floor which was draped around like a mezzanine. It opens up to further rooms for product displays as well as an open meeting space with bar and restaurant service as well as closed meeting rooms. A new perspective can be enjoyed from the second-floor level, looking down to the shower toilet fountain and the happenings below.

What’s unique about it

Rough on the outside, shiny and glossy inside. A booth with an edge, showing steps of the production process by displaying moulds from the factory which are used to create Laufen's well known sanitary ware in ceramics. In contrast to the sculptural use of these moulds, the finished products are displayed in front of shiny, colourful walls. An artistic and unusual display of more than just the product. The installation like booth is a new innovative approach on how to showcase the product at a trade show. The rooms inside were kept distinct by different high gloss colours, which allowed for open rooms to make them easier to access and see, whilst still keeping an obvious distinction between the collections.

Laufen Ish2019 Booth 04
© Oliver Helbig

The infamous shower toilet Riva fountain at the centre of the booth, with the stairs leading up to the second floor behind.

Location of project:

Krumböck GmbH

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