Joanne Teddy bear

Designed by: WGNB
For client: Joanne Teddy bear Floor area: 104.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Single-Brand Store of the Year


We sought to show off spatial image impressively using shape of tapestry and acrylic.

About the Project

This shop opened in Incheon PARADISE CITY, shows sensitive images encompassing from history to production process of Joanne Teddy Bear, with dual concepts of shop and gallery. At its center, visual-perceptual weaving clues are placed. Energy in this space composed largely with four categories, expands the world of Joanne Teddy Bear like a rhythm, of weft and warp woven by intercrossing horizontal and vertical line width and length.
Central area in the shape of island is used for products display and storage, and Factory Section with strong color sense features the display to maximize the color sense of teddy bears. Choosing a background color in order to show teddy bears of Factory line which look impressive more distinctly with various colors, we wanted visitors to approach to Joanne Teddy Bear more easily.
Moving along the traffic line formed centering around it, leads to Craft Section designed with Kvadrat fabric, Memory Section where memories and nostalgia of the 1930s and 1940s form the layers, and Classic Section of the year 1984, a central axis of this space. Classic Section plays a role to raise the concept of shop to that of gallery. It shows each part of production process obviously about how it is made and by what it is inspired, and approaches to the visitors more in depth with its tradition and knowhow.

What’s unique about it

Joanne Teddy Bear is manually made by weaving from the best mohair yarn by Joanne Oh herself and natural dyeing. It was interesting to see the moment when skin of bears was directly made by handlooms during the production of bear dolls. Formativeness of handlooms themselves and the appearance of aligned mohair yarn were enough to be the motif of this space.
A concept of the weaving resulted from it, enables this shop to have vitality as a space where teddy bears are displayed and people stay, by expressing two-dimensional feeling of the weaving three-dimensionally. We divided the space by reproducing lines and details interpreted from the weaving on ceiling and wall as they are, and at the same time by using partition of loom. We could describe the sequence of intercrossing threads more realistically which happens in the weaving process through 5mm thing pipe. Considering the sense of special scale and visual proportion.”
Narration and history, even though they are fiction, seem to be believable and give warmness to our mind. In this way, the space created and divided according to the feature of each teddy bear and the interior flow of weaving concept, infuse very humane breath to the rhythm of Joanne Teddy Bear’s majestic narration like each musical note with different lengths. Therefore, the value of Joanne Teddy Bear and the space showing the value visual-perceptually, lead us to much heavier emotional immersion.


The weaving thread for making teddy bear becomes motif for space design.


These were background colors making lots of bears stand out most, and chosen via a number of variations. They, primarily using vivid colors, were meant to deliver vividness to bears.


Color container is space to contain dolls for sales. Materials dyed directly from acrylic emitted their unique colors.


Structure with the motif of handloom used wood and metal rod as thin as 5mm.


The main structure has shape of tapestry made of wood and metal rod.


In this project, we have attempted so many dyeing in order to produce colors that acrylic could have as well as colors we wanted.


Moving along the traffic line formed centering around it, leads to Craft Section designed with Kvadrat fabric, Memory Section

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