25Hours Hotel "The Circle"

Designed by: studio aisslinger
For client: 25Hours Hotel Floor area: 8339.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: Hotel of the Year

W Exper Pano Kopie
© studio aisslinger

The 'Experience Corner' in the lobby at 'The Circle'.

About the Project

The 25Hours Hotel »The Circle« in Cologne is part of the comprehensive redesign of the so-called Gerling quarter in the heart of Cologne. Close to Friesenplatz, the former area of the Gerling Insurance Group was to be converted into the Cologne location of the 25hours Hotel Chain. studio aisslinger signed responsible for the entire interior design as well as the creative planning, which encompassed all areas of construction. It developed the concept of retrofuturism, guiding the work based on the specific architecture of the existing building, a spectacular rotunda, the former administrative headquarter of the insurance company. This building was understood as stone witness of the time of its construction, the late 50s and 60s, examined for traces of the optimism for the future and the technical euphoria that sparked these years. These traces were playfully combined with classical design, vintage pieces and custom-made furniture to create a retrofuturistic atmosphere oscillating between the past future and the future present. That way, 207 rooms of different types and sizes were created, whose colourful, playfully detailed yet functional character provides a temporary home for the urban nomad of our times. The slightly indented penthouse level on top the building houses the Neni restaurant and the monkey bar, the unusually spatious lobby offers several kiosks, a pop-up art corner and a co-working Café, all of which turning the concept of retrofuturism into a unique experience

What’s unique about it

Design at the beginning of the 21st Century does no longer seek the monochrome, all-encompassing style; it celebrates the heterogeneity of life. In this sense, studio aisslinger conceives of the designer as a DJ, sampling material from different sources; he does no longer aim for the homogenous total look, but instead wants to surprise with a collage of things.
At »The Circle« this creative philosophy results in a grown mishmash of visual and haptic impressions creating a vibrant and inspiring atmosphere. Every room provides the guest with different things to use and play with: a bag, you are allowed to use during your stay, a ue boom box ready to play your music; a magazine, pen and paper, little toys. All this is more than simple fooling. The cozy and slightly idiosyncratic room loses all hotel-sterility and becomes your temporary home. Unusually large shared spaces complement the private hidaway and offer co-working space, kiosks and seating areas as well as a spectacular roof-top restaurant and bar. The possibility for social exchange among guests, but also between travelers and locals is a growingly important feature for hotels. Next to being a social hotspot it is their ecological awareness that will characterize the hotel of the future. Only a fundamental shift in our quotidian behavior and living will secure a future for all men. At »The Circle« the omnipresence of plants works as reminder that we have to return, now, to a non-exploitative symbiosis with nature.

Bar Monkey Bar 01 Kopie
© Steve Herud

The 'Monkey Bar' at 'The Circle'. Cappellini Geo Seating family in the front, the cosy fireplace in the center and the bar next to the entrance in the back.

25H Circle Steve Herud Rooms Ic M Bath Small 1 Kopie
© Steve Herud

'Inner Circle' guestroom. Bathroom area with shower in the back and the special 'The Circle' Washstand in the front.

25H Circle Steve Herud Rooms Ic M Small 2 Kopie
© Steve Herud

'Inner Circle' guestroom. View from the entrance area toward the bed. Shelf and minibar in the front, bathroom area behind.

25H Circle Steve Herud Rooms Oc L Bath Small 1 Kopie
© Steve Herud

'Outer Circle' guestroom. View toward the shower in front of the window line.

25H Circle Steve Herud Rooms Oc L Small 2 Kopie
© Steve Herud

'Outer Circle' guestroom. View from the entrance toward the working area with desk, telephone, writing material and bluetooth loudspeaker. Bed and connected open bathroom in the back.

25H Circle Steve Herud Rooms Oc Xl Large 3B Kopie
© Steve Herud

'Outer Circle' Guestroom. View from the open bathroom toward bed and seating area.

25H Circle Steve Herud Neni Deli Small 4 Kopie
© Steve Herud

The Lobby at "The Circle". View from the co-working area with Cappellini Geo Seating family and Lego astronaut in the center, the old reception counter and the kiosks in the back.

P Lobby Podest Bike Kopie Werner Kopie
© studio aisslinger

Lobby at "The Circle". View from next to the old reception counter toward the kiosk, the record store and the bike corner.

25H Circle Steve Herud Lobby Small 2 Kopie
© Steve Herud

The lobby at "The Circle". Cappelini Geo Seating family in the front, the old reception counter in the center, kiosks and passage to the elevators in the back.

Location of project:
studio aisslinger

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